Postnatal Yoga Classes

A specifically-adapted Hatha yoga class suitable for mums whether you had your baby very recently or a few years ago. Helping you to regain structural integrity in their body following the demands of pregnancy and birth.

Tuesdays 20:00 – 21:00
£10 per session or save 10% on a package of 6 classes
with Leah McGrath

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GroYoga Postnatal Yoga with Leah McGrath

Do you find it challenging to attend a yoga class, or any class for that matter, now that you are a mum?

So many of the lovely mums I meet through my classes at some point or another have found maintaining a regular yoga practice or even attending one class a week tricky as the demands of raising a little baby take their toll.

Whether it’s sickness, tiredness or simply the fact that their little one has become too adventurous for mum to relax in class and so I often find them asking me whether I run classes for mums in the evenings.

Up until now I haven’t taken the time to start such a class as I have either been battling with severe ‘morning’ sickness or juggling family demands myself. Believe me when I say that with two young children and a baby, I understand the challenges of even making it to the bathroom alone, let alone having time to exercise or meditate!

How can I introduce yoga at home or maintain a regular practice whilst raising young children?

Yoga is not just about the physical postures. It is so much more than that.

It is about learning to connect with the deeper you.

Sometimes it means accepting where you are right now and that might be adjusting to not being in control fully of everything in your life and learning to accept that you need to go with the flow when it comes to raising a family!

You may find that your practice becomes a little more fragmented, but you will adapt for example, breathing practice or meditation whilst you are feeding baby, having more fun with yoga postures by practising them with your children.

Children are brilliant at encouraging us to be more ‘present’ and enjoy the moment right now as they are seldom concerned with the past or the future, only what is happening in that moment.

Most importantly, don’t judge your yoga practise based on your body pre-children. It takes a great deal of time to build up strength again following pregnancy and birth and the more patience you can give yourself through this phase, the stronger you will feel physically and emotionally in the long run.

If you feel that you need a regular commitment to support you in maintaining your practice then join a class specifically aimed at recent mums.

Is there a class for me?

I now have an opportunity to introduce a class where it doesn’t matter if you are a recent mum or you had your baby a few years ago, this is your opportunity to relax, take some time out for yourself and develop your yoga practice.

Who can attend these classes?

This class is for any mums whether you had your baby very recently or a few years ago. This postnatal yoga class is not just for very new mums, but offers continuity from pregnancy, post-natal to parenthood for any mum looking to regain structural integrity in their body following the demands of pregnancy and birth.

The breathing and relaxation elements in class will help mums to improve their energy levels and deal positively with stress and anxiety. Please don’t worry about whether you are completely new to yoga or have lots of experience as the classes are open to all levels of and are very welcoming!

The classes last an hour and consist of breathing techniques and postures to realign the pelvis and spine, working on improving strength in the back, abdomen and pelvic floor muscles and will finish with a deep relaxation to improve sleep and reduce alleviate anxiety. The postures are gentle, but more dynamic poses are also offered to make a safe transition to other forms of exercise and general yoga.

When can I start?

It is recommended that you wait until after your 6-week check with the GP before attending this class (and 8-10 weeks after a caesarean section).

Can I bring my baby with me?

Whilst this class is specifically focused on mums, I appreciate that some of those attending may have very little babies who may need to be with them and so for that reason they are welcome to come along too.

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Classes run Tuesdays 20:00 – 21:00

Classes cost £10 per session. Save 10% on your classes by buying a block of 6. Click here to buy this package >>

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About Leah McGrath

leah mcgrathA busy mum of 3 young daughters, Leah McGrath is a Registered (200 hours) Yoga teacher with specific interest and training in Yoga for Women during the Perinatal period and beyond and also for families and children. She offers a gentle Hatha class for Pregnancy, a Postnatal class (you can bring baby!) and Baby Massage at the Wellbeing Centre.

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