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What is the Pilates method?

In the early 20th century, Joseph H. Pilates developed a method based on his experience in different sports and techniques like gymnastic, yoga, boxe, martial arts, body building, etc. He called his method “Contrology” because everyone, with the practice of it, should establish a deep connection with the own inner self, achieving a total control of the mind over the body.

He defined the 6 principles in his method:

  1. Concentration: the focus on each body movement and breath will enhance the body awareness, switching off the left brain hemisphere, inducing a state of relaxation.
  2. Centre: the main workout starts in the centre of the body and his muscles. Pilates called it “the power house” in reference to all core muscles, mainly around the abdomen, and how improving their strength, flexibility and control the beneficial effects will spread around the whole body.
  3. Control: Pilates’ called his method “Contrology” to point out the control of mind over the body and all its segments with the expertise on mindfulness.
  4. Precision: during the workout is more important to execute one exercise with exactitude and a lower amount of repetitions than having a sloppier form for long series. A good Pilates instructor provides detailed instructions to their students with a progressive and increasing focus on many small details of execution.
  5. Breathing: deep, controlled, diaphragmatic breathing activates a proper recruitment of core muscles, favouring the blood circulation, concentration and relaxation. Pilates recommended visualising the lungs as bellows as you bring air in to the fullest and release it in the same manner. He wrote that breathing is the most integral part of exercise and learning to breathe correctly is the most important thing.
  6. Flow: Pilates routines are completed through a gentle flow. Grace, ease and fluidity are the intention Joseph Pilates applied to all exercise. Continuous, smooth, and elegant movement as you transition from one pose to another will bring strength and stamina according to this principle.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries, particularly those of the neck and back. This is based on literature that demonstrates strong evidence to support the use of therapeutic exercise in the management of patients with injuries, particularly low back pain. Recent research advocates the retraining of the deep muscles for patients with low back pain. Clinical Pilates focuses on the recruitment of these stabilising muscles (core stability) as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility.

Here at The Wellbeing Centre Alessio, founder of Hito Physiotherapy, teaches Clinical Pilates in small classes on Wednesday evenings 8-9pm.

Alessio is certified as matwork and small equipment Pilates Fisios® advanced teacher, from the basic to the advanced level.

What is the Pilates Fisios®?

Pilates Fisios® is a form of Clinical Pilates created by the Italian physiotherapist Dr. Silvia Ranieri as adaptation of J.H. Pilates method and its principle to the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, in combination with the most advanced and latest scientific researches.

It is an evidence-based approach with a specific focus on the patient needs and condition as well as on the analysis of his posture, pathology and fitness level.

The client would be at centre of Pilates Fisios® therapeutic process to develop his consciousness and body awareness, towards a deeper observation and a self-management of his condition.

This unique method of clinical Pilates has a holistic vision of the customer, where the singular body segment, affected from a neurological or orthopaedic problem, is a part of wider anatomical-physiological structure. The improvement of a part depends on the ability to apply the 6 Principles of Pilates to the whole organism, following the most advanced techniques of bodywork and knowledge about the myofascial system.

What happens in a Clinical Pilates class?

Each Clinical Pilates lesson is split into 3 different sections.

It starts with a 10-20 minutes warm up made of many breathing exercises associated to gentle body movement to progressively increase the focus and awareness on core muscles, setting a flow atmosphere of movements. Initially standing and using just the muscles involved with the breathing action, this phase will progressively increase the range of movements, activating different body parts and stimulating the body heating as well as the balance and coordination.

The second part is a proper workout, lasting 20-45 minutes depending on the fitness level and the body condition. This section includes exercises on the mat and there are many variations of them, using different postures (prone, supine, sitting, standing, lying on the side) or adding small equipment (soft ball, foam roll, magic circle, elastic band, etc.). The sequence of exercises can run around the same equipment or position or can variate without repeating twice the same exercise.

For the beginners it will take a few months to learn the right breathing process, progressively adding more details in terms of control, precision, etc. so the focus will be on a small group of exercises until the teacher will consider them ready to add further variations. It is valid the rule of LESS IS MORE so it is better to learn properly the basic exercises than execute complex sequences without respecting the 6 principles. The choice of the exercises and their variation will be tailored around the patient’s condition and needs.

The last part is a pure cool-down protocol of 10-15 minutes, including stretching exercises and yoga poses.

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Wednesdays 20:00 – 21:00 £10 per session or save 10% when you buy a 10-session packages (can be used within a 16-week period)

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