Lotte Berk

Lotte BerkLotte Berk classes have been empowering women to be their most strong, sexy & confident with a whole body workout for over 50 years. These relaxed, fun exercise classes could be described as a cross between yoga & ballet. 

Lotte Berk, a modern ballet dancer trained by Mary Wigman, created the Lotte Berk Method over 50 years ago. It is now the foundation for many, if not most, of the current exercise techniques. From Callanetics to The Bar Method, Lotte has had a huge influence on women’s bodies around the world for decades. In her heyday in the 1960s she transformed bodies as Sasson transformed hair and Quant, couture. Brit Ekland, Barbara Streisand, Edna O’Brien, and many others graced the grimy floors of Lotte’s London Studio. And her legacy is still felt today. Google Lotte Berk and her photograph and tributes to her influence are everywhere.

Lotte’s daughter, Esther Fairfax, continues this legacy. She has been teaching for 48 years and runs classes and training sessions from the studio in her Hungerford home (Lotte’s ashes look on from the garden). She is keen to preserve this unique and effective method that uses no gimmicks, only the barre and your hard work. At 77 years old, Esther is a testament to how well the method works. So are her loyal students, many of whom have been coming weekly for over 40 years and are still going strong in their 70s and 80s. And young women are still drawn to the classes in Esther’s studio and in studios around the globe. Timeless. Effective. Fun. Gruelling. Original.

The method uses small, controlled movements, and focuses on sculpting the figure. It is almost an architecture of the body, helping women create a firm and shapely structure so their their clothes hang more beautifully and their movement is more fluid and energised. Lotte, very progressive for her time in so many ways, knew that the body was also for pleasure and that if a woman’s body is shapely, strong and vital she will enjoy sex so much more.

The method works the entire body and creates a leaner, longer silhouette, a corset of muscle in the torso (supporting the spine and minimising chances of back pain) and ensures that your body will serve you well into what others call old age. The Method is not about creating stick thin supermodels or about punishment. Yes, it can be gruelling, but it is a celebration of the human form, about realising your potential, about embracing your femininity and embracing life.

No matter what shape your figure is, the Lotte Berk Method will tone it, shape it and make it it’s best and most beautiful. We wear our bodies everyday of our whole lives. Isn’t it worthwhile investing an hour a few times a week (she advocated daily) to create a body you can really enjoy living in?

Tuesdays 8:30 – 9:30pm

£10 per class.

For more information, please contact Jenifer Klepfer on 07881 296623 or email her at lotteberkoriginal@gmail.com.

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