Goddess Circle

Divine Feminine ~ Embrace Your Inner Goddess

Every first Friday of the month 10:00 – 12:00
£15 per session
Pre-booking essential – available online:

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Every month we create a sacred divine feminine space. This is intended as a space for peace, healing and re connection to the feminine principle to embrace your Goddess within.

Healing can occur for you during this Circle.  And, in order for the healing to take place, clearing and purifying needs to happen.

Purification of the old energies within, will support the alchemy and the filtering in of new and higher energies.

Therapist: Diana Dolton.

During Transference Healing® sessions, workshops and Women’s Circles, Diana utilises the concepts of the sacred teachings of the Divine Feminine.

Energy exchange £15.

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Alternatively, you can speak to our Reception Team at The Wellbeing Centre on 01635 552874 (welcoming phone and drop-in enquiries Monday -Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm excluding Bank Holidays).

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