Getting off the thought bus

Imagine you are at the bus stop waiting for the number 12 to take you to X and the number 6 comes along taking you to Y, and you jump on anyway.

After a while you realise you are on the wrong bus. You jump off and stand at the bus stop again. Then along comes the number 15, you jump on again and this time you realise you are on the way to Z which is miles out of your way. Once again, you jump off and wait at the bus stop.

Can you imagine this happening all day long, all week long, all life long? Well that is exactly what happens with most of us when it comes to our thoughts.

Think of the thoughts like those buses – along comes any thought story and off we go. We don’t care where it takes us but we jump on regardless. Often these thought buses take us for a joyride and it may be a bit of fun, but often they may take us to places we definitely don’t want to go. They can take us to some very dark, scary and anxious places.

If, however, we are able to remain peacefully at the bus stop of the present moment, we will not end up in these anxious places. Through practicing mindfulness over time we are able to do just this. When a thought bus comes we can notice, let it pass by and remain in the present moment.

We will, however, still find ourselves getting on the thought buses time and again but what mindfulness enables us to do is to notice we are on a thought bus journey and step off without drama to rest once again at the bus stop.

The art of this particular aspect of mindfulness is how we notice and hop off the thought bus. The point is not to criticise ourselves, not to judge ourselves as useless – that is another thought bus best not to get on – but simply to notice where the bus was heading and return back to the body and the breath. If we get hooked into criticising ourselves then we do the same thing, notice and hop off and it is no big deal at all.

Thought Bus – pay attention and get on the one you want

  • We are not trying to get rid of thoughts.
  • We are more concerned with the ability to let be/let go.
  • We are not trying to change our thinking.
  • We are changing our relationship to thoughts, not the thoughts themselves.

If you are interested in learning more about the practice of mindfulness and get on the thought bus that you want, please contact Caroline Quinton Smith 07836 762702

My next 8 week course commences on Tuesday 22nd September.

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