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Nutritional Therapy arrives at The Wellbeing Centre!

I am really pleased to have joined The Wellbeing Centre offering Nutritional Therapy consultations and look forward to working with the other Therapists and meeting the ‘regulars’ at the Centre.

With Christmas around the corner I thought my first blog should be focused on how to avoid gaining those pesky pounds that follow us into the New Year. According to the British Nutrition Foundation many of us gain up to 6 lbs over the festive period, here are three simple tips on how to avoid it…

1) Stay active

Being active does not have to mean joining a gym!! Stick to your usual routine but think of ways to increase exercise; this could be one more lap around the shopping centre, walking or cycling to work or joining the neighbour to walk their dog.

2) Plan ahead

Being organised is central to successful weight management. Try choosing healthier options, for example replace cream with Greek yoghurt or half-fat crème fraiche, and roast a medley of root vegetables instead of potatoes (the photo above  shows a selection of carrots, sweet potatoes and beetroot roasted with balsamic vinegar and thyme). Plan your menus ahead, know exactly what you will be buying so you can avoid falling for the special offers and ending up with piles of tempting foods in your pantry.

3) Don’t skip meals

The strategy to skipping meals in the hope that it will result in a fewer calories is far from reality. The irony is that when we skip meals, we are actually increasing the likelihood of throwing our blood sugar levels off balance. This will result in making us hungrier so eating larger portions and craving sugary, starchy foods.  Instead, eat smaller meals and more often. Not only will your blood sugar levels stay stable but your waist line will too.

Please do take advantage of my introductory offer to receive 50% off your initial consultation (usual cost £40). Additionally, if you introduce a friend, you will both receive 50% off a follow up consultation.

Leah Heathman

Leah Heathman is a fully qualified and insured Nutritional Therapist and a full member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT). She offers Nutritional Therapy consultations here at The Wellbeing Centre on weekday evenings and at the weekends.

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