Fertility issues? Problematic periods? Could it be a fixable uterus tilt…?

abdominal-sacral massage

Uterus tilts are surprisingly common but many women don’t realise they have one or that it could be causing symptoms they are experiencing. About 90% of women I treat have a uterus tilt (also known as retroverted uterus) and most of them are unaware of it. Luckily this is something that abdominal-sacral massage can fix.

“How could I have gotten a uterus tilt?”

Your uterus works best in the upright position so some ligaments hold it up there. These clever little ligaments are quite elastic so that if a woman is pregnant her uterus can expand and return to its natural position after birth easily and painlessly. But this can also cause a problem – the stretchy nature of the ligaments means that your uterus can come out of alignment.

If you’ve ever fallen over, had an STD,  lifted heavy objects or exercised excessively (especially during a period), had a c-section, had lower abdomen muscles tensions or big bowel blockages there could have been a knock on effect on the uterus causing it to shift position. There’s not a whole lot of space in your lower abdomen, which is good as this encourages organs to stay in their proper place, but this does mean that with any shift the uterus becomes unaligned and often gets stuck in the wrong place.

“Why would it matter if I have a uterus tilt if loads of people have them?”

There’s not much awareness about the effects a tilted uterus can have on your body and many people believe that there are none. Sadly this idea will not actually keep you from experiencing the symptoms that even a slight uterus tilt can cause. These include painful, dark, thick, brown, light, heavy or irregular periods.

If your period is giving you grief your body is trying to tell you something is up. We women are very lucky (although we don’t always feel like it) as we get a free health check on our reproductive system once a month. A problematic period is the first sign that there could be a problem here – please don’t ignore it or be angry with it – you don’t have to live with it – you can fix it!

There are other side effects too such as trouble conceiving, miscarriages, painful intercourse, frequent/sudden urgent need to urinate, constipation, bloating/water retention/pressure in lower pelvis with your period. As you can see from these symptoms a tilted uterus can cause problems and unfortunately they can get worse without treatment, but luckily help is available.

“Sounds like I might have a uterus tilt but what can I do about it?”

Firstly don’t panic! While this could be the cause of some symptoms you’ve been having there is a quick and painless treatment. Abdominal-Sacral massage can return your uterus to its natural position safely and easily. This can usually be done in a single session if the tilt is not too severe and so far has never taken more than 2 sessions in my experience.

In the first abdominal-sacral massage treatment there’s a consultation so I can get a full understanding of your symptoms and then in the uterus part of the massage I can check and see what position your uterus is in. If it is out of alignment I do a special massage that works on the ligaments above your uterus to help gently pull it back into place. That’s it! It doesn’t take long but could well save you a lifetime of annoying symptoms.

Please share this information with other women you might know. Don’t suffer in silence with difficult periods or struggle to conceive when there could be a safe way to improve things. The more women that are aware these are not things you simply have to live with the better.  A healthier, happier body could be just around the corner…

– Jo Medhurst

I am currently offering 3 treatments for just £120 (saving £55) so why not book an appointment today? Email me at jo-medhurst@live.co.uk or call 07973 186288.

Jo practices Abdominal-Sacral Massage, EFT, Indian Head Massage and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre. She is passionate about helping people that come in for treatments with her and also provides information on self-help techniques you can use to speed up your healing process.


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  • sammy says:

    Hi jo what about if you have scar adhesions and a retroverted uterus?

  • Jo Medhurst says:

    Even with scarring you can still improve the position. Massaging helps to get rid of scar tissue as well. Working on the area helps to break it up and return the cells to their original position so scars can be drastically reduced in size and with enough work practically disappear. This makes realignment easier. If the scarring is inside the womb or around the Fallopian tubes then this takes longer due to the position. With something like ashermans syndrome for example (where there’s so much scarring inside the womb the walls of it stick together) it can take a while to break down enough scar tissue to see an improvement but it’s still possible. Basically with scar tissue you can still always improve the position of a retroverted uterus often completely realigning but how long it takes depends on how much scar tissue there is and how deep it is. Hope this is helpful. Jo

  • sammy says:

    Hi jo can it help with complex hyperplasia without atypia and a paraovarian cyst? I have retroverted uterus also been trying for baby no.2 no success.

    • Jo Medhurst says:

      Hi Sammy. It depends where your hyperplasia is. If the increased number of cells has led to enlargement that is physically forcing the uterus down it may not be possible to realign completely. How large the cyst is would affect this for the same reason. However it is likely the position could be improved. Massage would help the cyst too. Please email me if you want to chat about it in a bit more detail. My email is jo-medhurst@live.co.uk.

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