Fertility equates to Abundance


It’s national fertility week, which got me asking..

What do I wish more people knew about fertility?..

Fertility equates to Abundance..

To be fertile is to be abundant..

Abundant in what?..

Abundant in life force, energy, qi, blood and GRATITUDE..

If you have been struggling with your fertility and feeling depleted, exhausted, stressed, cold, then there is likely a feeling of lack – the opposite of abundance..

A feeling of a lack of energy, calm, and obviously, the experience of a lack of fertility as a result..

So as you are likely seeing already, there are a myriad of factors at play in your body’s ability to create and sustain new life..

Mindset, emotion, energy, nutrients, temperature, how much rest you allow yourself..

Acupuncture addresses many of the physical and energetic blockages that can also lead to fertility and has been hugely successful in the treatment of fertility issues at a fraction of the cost of IVF and is a lot gentler on the body, mind and spirit too..

For the purposes of this blog I want to leave you with this new awareness of what you can do, and invite you to focus on abundance..

Eating an abundance of nutrient dense foods..

Drinking an abundance of hydrating fluids (not caffeine)..

Gifting yourself an abundance of rest..

And possibly the most important of all – living in the present moment and CHOOSING to focus on all of the abundance already present, in nature, your immediate environment, and gratitude for all the abundance you have received in your life thus far..

Your next steps after reading this are:

To read my new book, Choose Life – a fertility book in disguise!..

Come and see me for an acupuncture and/or fertility coaching course, we can go really in depth and tailor make a bespoke plan for you and your life circumstances.

Carolyn Sykes Lic Ac

Carolyn offers acupuncture, meditation, and coaching. Working on the physical, mental, emotional AND energetic planes with her clients, Carolyn helps change mindsets at a fundamental level. Would you like to join her on a journey where magic unfolds along the way? The outcome can not be predicted but is often better than you may have imagined from where you are now. If you just KNOW you are ready and are willing to do what it takes then give Carolyn a call TODAY!

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