Fertility and ovulation

Fertility and ovulation by Kim Child

Hope you’re all well and not had too much damage from the latest storm to pass our way.

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Just going to share a bit about ovulation from the e-book I have made available on my website.

Of course, it’s the pivotal time when your menstrual cycle changes to your most fertile day(s).

In terms of physiological movement here is what is going on: Your FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) floods the ovaries which increases the amount of oestrogen until day 7, then LH (luteinising hormone) begins to release.

Around day 13, when LH is at its highest point, the egg (ovulation) will be released in a 28 to 36 hour window. Of course this varies depending upon your natural ebb and flow, often many women have a variation each month of the actual peak of LH.

Make a connection with the surge of your fertile window.

This is time when you might feel more sexy. Your oestrogen is kicking in and it’s your fertile time!

Wear your sexy bra & knickers set in the back of the drawer, try a lipstick you only reserve for a night out and wear your favourite perfume. Research shows that our faces and scent changes at this fertile time.

Tips for Ovulation

  • Concentrate on building your Qi (energy) Eat cooked foods which are more digestible
  • Avoid cold raw foods, these expend more energy for your body to digest
  • Use meditation or mindfulness to avoid feeling stress
  • Try camomile tea for its calming properties
  • Try abdominal massage to invigorate energy and blood in the abdomen, ask your partner to massage
  • Increase your intake of fatty acids (salmon, herring, tuna, sardines, flax seed oil)

Try to avoid:

  • Flooding your system with too much water, drink at room temperature or warmed
  • Don’t use cough mixture, it can thin your fertile cervical mucous
  • Don’t use lubricants or saliva as a lubricant, this can also affect the fertile mucous

Pain at ovulation?

Some women do experience an awareness or discomfort at ovulation, they may also experience light spotting, nausea and cramps. Try a hot water bottle, warm bath or rest at this time.

Can you identify changes in your cervical mucous?

The easiest way to know when you are ovulating is changes in your mucous, when you observe long string like egg white mucous this is a sign that you’re in the fertile peak.

If you want to learn more about the various stages of your cycle and lots of tips which are straight forward in your journey to conceive download my new e-book “Discovering your Natural Fertility” at www.kimchild.co.uk.

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I hope you find this information useful. If you have questions about the book or information about acupuncture and fertility, please feel free to email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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