Energy Healing – is it difficult to believe it works?

What does energy healing mean to you? Is it something you believe in yourself or do you see it as some kind of hocus-pocus? I am passionate these days about energy healing and have seen this healing modality support many people through challenging and transformational times. I’ve been using it professionally now for several years.

However, I know not everyone gets energy healing and sometimes I’ll see that funny look on people’s faces when I’m telling them about what I do (you know the one, you might be pulling it yourself right now)!

I get it, I really do. For some people it’s like I’m telling them I’m an alien or something!

I know how difficult it can be to believe it works. I used to think like that.  Then, over 10 years ago now, a dear friend paid for me to attend a crystal workshop. This was about using the energy of the crystals for healing and it was a 2 day event. And of all the places this was happening in Avebury (it’s probably why I love Avebury so much now).

Anyway, at the time I had to be dragged there by my friend. I wasn’t particularly interested in the topic at the time and thought it was all a bit weird, you know. I pretty much only went so as to not disappoint him. Plus I was super impressed someone actually paid for me to do a workshop. I mean how much faith can one person have in me?

So, there I was in the morning entering the village hall where the workshop was being held. It was a lovely atmosphere and people were chatting to each other.. they looked very normal you know. Like any other person you might meet in a coffee shop or any other mundane place. I decided it couldn’t be that bad after all and my friend was there with me.

I don’t remember much of the first day. One of the things I do remember is at tea break making myself a cuppa and walking around stopping to admire a huge selection of crystals. I mean I was aware of crystals as in some of the stones are called crystals and I had been reading lots of mythology so was familiar with deities and legends. Also I was very intrigued to find out more about the “chakras” because of reading Ramayana and Mahabharata which talk about many aspects of the Hindu belief system.

All I knew at this point in my life was that according to the Hindu system we have 7 energy centres on our body.

That was about the sum total of my knowledge on this subject.

Perhaps you can imagine my shock overhearing two ladies talking about crystals like they were alive? Taking them in their hands one at the time and describing how their “energy” felt. I did take few crystals in my hand expecting to get like electric current like sensation or something like that but nothing happened. I was safe. Thank goodness for that as I think I would have had a heart attack.

I must admit at that point I was seriously questioning what on earth I was doing there. I mean clearly they seemed to be lovely people but that was just crazy talk. 

Energy? Crystals having different energy and feel about them?

I smiled, I didn’t offer any opinions about anything remotely related with crystals and other things people were talking about, I stuck around because I’d promised my friend I would.

The second day we started doing hands on exercises. One person was lying down and the second person was placing crystals on the energy centres and putting their hands over the crystals.

It felt nice and relaxing for me as I was curiously trying to see if my body felt any different. Nope. Maybe it’s not working on everybody I thought.

My turn came to be the one placing the crystals on the person I was “practicing” on. I did that and started the exercise. My person decided this was a perfect time to go into a very deep sleep and even starting snoring!

I was desperately trying to get the attention of the person leading the course while carrying on with the exercise. When the lady came next to me she asked me if I had done this kind of healing before. Nope, I had not done anything remotely close to that and was asked if I was doing it wrong as the person was asleep.

I was not doing anything wrong. In fact I was doing brilliantly according to the course leader! I just nodded thinking again what on earth was I doing there…

But going home after that weekend and reflecting on the experience, I became increasingly intrigued about crystals and energy.

I started reading books about the subject..

I kept talking to people about it…

I couldn’t stop thinking about crystals and energy and I was increasingly drawn to learning more about them.

Fast forward 10 years and I know that workshop was a turning point for me. That’s when I started accepting that there are things out there that I did not understand, understanding that many people believed in energy and crystals and beginning to believe there had to be some truth in it all.

I mean these people I was meeting couldn’t all be crazy and making things up. They seemed to be very down to Earth and some were extremely well-educated people.

So I get it. You know .. the rolling eyes and the “you are one of those” smile.

It’s not for everyone.

These last 10+ years of my life as I have gone from life in the corporate world to life as a professional energy healer have been by far the most challenging of my life but I would not change a thing.

This journey of understanding energy healing has given me a deep insight and trust in myself. There has been much healing taking place and I am able to access memories and parts of myself I never thought possible. I have become a better person for it and healed so many aspects of myself that kept me stuck into a world of pain, sorrow and yearning.

It took me a long time to be able to say it out loud without dreading to see the rolling eyes and the patronising smiles, but..

I believe in energy healing and I know it works.

Don’t judge someone just because you don’t feel, see or sense the same as they do.

After all, did anyone believe Da Vinci when he was drawing his incredible flying machines that someday people will fly like the birds?

Read. Investigate. Ask questions. Educate yourself. Above all keep an open mind.

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Diana Dolton

Diana generates a safe, supportive and nurturing space where one feels heard, acknowledged and can find guidance. Having worked with adults and children for over a decade, one of her goals has been supporting others to access and confidently use their inner guidance, wisdom and talents in everything they do.

As a practisioner of few healing modalities she is offering one-to-one healings as well as group sessions. As a busy mum Diana knows how vital relaxation is. She runs a weekly meditation classes and offers Indian Head Massage appointments too. Three years after becoming a mum and using hypnobirthing techniques during the birth process Diana has taken the step to train and teach The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. She has always been passionate about teaching parents how to create the best possible environment for their children to support and nurture them from the first moments of life.

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  • Claire Bushell Claire Bushell says:

    As you know, Diana, energy healing has been a bit of a struggle for me personally to get my head around. Having come from a scientific background, I always try to understand why things work the way they do. However, these days I have learnt to appreciate more the benefits of the healing which I have certainly experienced for myself over and over again and am learning to hold more loosely in my mind the need to understand exactly how it works. But I’ll always keep thinking about it! Love that there is more and more evidence building to encourage people to benefit from it for themselves.

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