Dry January


Many people have set themselves the challenge of going dry this January. Are you one of them?

The aim of Dry January is to start a new conversation about alcohol and raise awareness about the effects of alcohol. The challenge is to go alcohol free for 31 days. It is a chance to lose weight, feel better, save money and make a difference.

Dry January is Alcohol Concern’s flagship campaign which started back in 2011. Over on their website you can find out more and use their Impact Calculator to work out some of the benefits of a month off:

My experience of working with people through any change, the challenge of setting a goal can be liberating, although for some much harder to sustain in practice.

This is partly due to our inability at times to be compassionate to our selves and allow ourselves to embrace the learning from our misgivings as well as our achievements.

Energetically holding on to our misgivings as failings, creates blockages within our energetic body, which can create an automatic feeling of deflation before we have even begun the smallest of changes we want to achieve.

This is where Reiki as a recognised complementary therapy can assist you by:

  • Releasing energy cycles that are no longer serving you.
  • Increasing self confidence in the goals you set.
  • Providing clarity on the steps forward.

With my years of experience and wide range of realistic plans my clients can achieve, I have been fortunate to witness Reiki support profound changes for individuals, the most positive for me has to be when another experiences the freedom through self compassion and learning to let go!

Happy Dry January!!

Niki Baggs

Niki Baggs, The Reiki Intuitive, is a fully trained, registered and accredited Reiki Master Teacher, with over 9 years of experience. She is registered with Reiki Evolution and is the founder of Reiki Youth, providing Reiki treatment, training and consultation to both children and adults.


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  • I confess I’m not one for a Dry January but then I drink very little anyway generally (but possibly a little more in January if I’m honest as I usually get given some lovely bottles as gifts over Christmas). However, some reiki energy would not go amiss in helping me connect with my goals for the year and I know a session with you is always very empowering for me!

  • For the first time in my life I have actually decided to do a “Dry January” – I never wanted to have a rule for myself before but what I am doing is taking it one day at at time. If I have a “blip” then that’s fine, no one else is judging me. By creating “no specific rules” just a desire and a bit of a challenge, I am really making myself feel great by having control.

    Niki is amazing at sussing out what is going in your life and what needs changing/sorting – she is incredibly intuitive.

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