Do you have Leaky Gut…?

You might have recently heard about leaky gut and wondered what it was. It’s something that is just starting to be understood as the cause of a lot of health problems and most of us will suffer with it at some point – it’s incredibly common. It is certainly a condition we should all be aware of then and even better know how to treat and ultimately prevent it from happening to us.

So what is leaky gut?

Leaky gut is the term used to describe toxins and other unpleasant things being reabsorbed through the colon. This weakens the colon wall which means even more toxins and other nasty things such as harmful bacteria can seep through directly into the blood stream. This puts a lot of pressure on your liver and digestive system as not only can it not completely flush out toxins but they are continually added to back into the system. Quite quickly this will mean your toxicity level becomes too high and your body will struggle to cope.This puts a lot of pressure on your liver and your digestive system as they are under stress trying to clear the overload. All this can lead to a huge number of symptoms as I’m sure you can imagine. If the body cannot flush out toxins but simply recycles them back into the body it’s obvious some health problems are going to occur and fast.


So what are the symptoms?

There are loads of leaky gut symptoms. This is because the extra toxicity level in the body puts so much stress on so many areas. The symptoms though can be broken down into 3 stages according to severity.

Stage One

This is the least severe and mostly consists of poor digestion symptoms.

  • Bloating, constipation, heartburn, indigestion, gas and diarrhoea

The digestive tract starts to become blocked and then irritated and inflamed as the toxins build up causing these symptoms.

  • Mood swings and depression

Occurs as some hormones are made in the gut and as the digestive tract becomes unhealthy hormone production is disrupted.

  • Gum disease and mouth ulcers

The mouth is the first part of the digestive tract and mirrors what’s going on in the rest of it.

Stage Two

As the toxins build up the liver becomes overloaded as it can’t effectively flush them out through the bowel as it should. Your body will then try to flush out toxins wherever it can causing stage two symptoms. In this stage the digestive tract has been irritated further causing more severe digestive symptoms and this effects nutrient absorption which can cause more symptoms still.

  • Skin conditions– eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin, spots etc.

The body may try to flush out excess toxins through the skin.We know that we can sweat out toxins but actually bad body odour is a sign that there are too many toxins in your system. You should be able to sweat and still smell ok and many people do. If there is a high level of toxins leaving through your pores it begins to irritate your skin causing these symptoms. Dental symptoms can often be attributed to leaky gut as well for the same reason. Toxins trying to get out through your mouth will irritate it.

  • Fatigue (including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Concentration issues (including ADD) and a poor immune system (constantly getting infections/viruses)

As the nutrient absorption is disrupted and we can’t get the proper fuel we need from our food energy levels and our ability to concentrate are often the first things to go. The body’s immune system is weakened as well without the correct building blocks, and as the colon wall is weakened viruses and infections can often pass straight into the blood stream.

  • Apparent food allergies and IBS

More severe digestive issues start in this stage- as the colon wall is so weak it is easily irritated and inflamed.

  • Migraines, headaches, muscle tension and joint pain

As the toxins build up all over the body and the blood flow is constricted these symptoms become more frequent.

Stage Three

This is where the toxic load has put a huge amount of pressure on numerous systems in the body and often broken down part of the digestive tract. These symptoms are very serious so you really want to avoid getting to this stage! Symptoms here include Arthritis, Celiac’s, IBD (Crohn’s and Colitis), MS, Systematic Candida, Fungus, Ringworm, Thyroiditis and very severe skin conditions. It’s pretty clear then that if you’ve got any stage 1 or 2 symptoms now is a good time to take some action don’t wait until it’s so bad that stage 3 symptoms can develop.

So what can I do about it?

adominal massage pictureThere’s a few things you can do to help leaky gut. A very effective treatment for leaky gut is abdominal massage. The massage boosts circulation and relieves muscle tension which has a detoxing effect. It also relives any pressure on the liver so that it can work more effectively.

The deep colon part of the massage also clears the colon of blockages, realigns it and relieves any pressure on it. This lets the colon get back to working effectively so it can properly process food, flush toxins and repair the damaged walls. This really gives you a head start in healing and you also learn a self help massage during sessions to help speed up the healing process at home. This makes any other healing work you do for leaky gut work faster and more effectively.

It’s important to drink plenty of water (at least 2 litres a day) which helps support your liver as it’s trying to flush out the toxins. It also provides the colon with plenty of moisture to help shift the blockages and repair the colon walls. A healthy diet is important too. If you are creating more blockages then the colon will struggle to heal itself.

Avoiding hard to digest foods will help here such as wheat (especially bread) and sugar/sugary foods, processed foods (which contain toxins anyway) and richer foods like dairy. Eating plenty of vegetables will really help (organic is best) and trying to have at least a quarter of each meal as vegetables is the sort of proportions you want (minimum).

It’s also a good idea to try and limit any toxins going into your system not just in terms of consumption but also ones you absorb such as shampoos, handwash or deodorants that contain chemicals. Many of these chemicals mimic hormones and are easily absorbed through the skin often taking just 25 seconds to get into your blood stream such as parabens or sodium laureth/laurel sulphate. Luckily there are now more and more products on the market that are free of harmful chemicals to help you here.

Leaky gut prevention

All the treatments listed above for leaky gut can also be used as prevention for leaky gut and all its symptoms (as well as prevention for plenty of other illnesses too) so why not get started today?

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Jo Medhurst


Jo is a fully qualified and insured holistic therapist practising Abdominal-Sacral Massage, EFT and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre. She also teaches self help massage techniques, and offers Abdominal Massage Self Help Workshops.

Jo practices Abdominal-Sacral Massage, EFT, Indian Head Massage and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre. She is passionate about helping people that come in for treatments with her and also provides information on self-help techniques you can use to speed up your healing process.


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