Distance Healing

With the relaxation of most of the rules relating to complementary therapies (at the moment there remain restrictions about treatments on the face) many people may be considering visiting their therapist to catch up on missed treatments.

Receiving a hands-on treatment is likely, however, to be a very different experience post-lockdown. The treatment session may have to be shorter, it will involve health checks both before and at the time of the treatment, and it will involve the therapist wearing PPE and the client possibly having to wear a face mask, all of which may affect the overall experience.

It seems inevitable that the choice of whether or not to have a hands-on treatment will be down to the level of risk which each individual and therapist is prepared to take, and whether they will feel comfortable and able to relax (which is at the centre of many therapies).

There will certainly be those who are vulnerable, for whom a hands-on treatment will simply not be appropriate. There will no doubt be others who may feel uncomfortable with the prospect of a hands-on treatment, and who simply decide to wait and see what happens as the lockdown restrictions ease.

During lockdown I have been giving distance treatments to my Bowen and Reiki clients, which has been well-received (even among those who were, at first, sceptical). Details of the healing offered are available on my website together with some client feedback.

For those that remain sceptical, and are perhaps reluctant to try out distance healing, I have put together some information in the attached article, with some ideas about recent scientific research, together with information about spiritual and esoteric teachings on healing.

If you would like to discuss this, or would like to try a distance treatment, please do get in touch.

Mike Overend

Mike offers a range of gentle therapies, including Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Angelic Reiki, which help to relieve pain, assist in addressing injuries, contribute to improved function and mobility, promote balance and healing, help to alleviate the effects of stress, and aid relaxation and sleep. Whether you’re looking for healing on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, Mike will work with you to find the approach that’s right for you, to help address your presenting issues as well as helping to improve your understanding of the physiology and energetic function of your body, and the impact of physical and emotional stresses in your life.

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Jo Medhurst
Jo Medhurst - 21 July 2020

Really great there is an alternative to hands on healing work for those who don’t feel ready for that yet.


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