Sonya Dibbin

Do you suffer with anxiety, stress or overwhelm and struggle to make time for yourself? Do you spend too much time connected to technology or stuck indoors?

If you answered yes to the above, you are most definitely not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I help stressed and anxious women connect to nature, so that they move towards being the healthier, happier and more resilient person they are truly meant to be.

Forest Therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic practice that connects people to natural environments through gentle sensory based guided meditations. Many of the healing benefits can last for weeks; so 1 session a month means more free time for you.

Please get in touch, as I’d love to help you start your nature connection journey.


Maximum group size 6 until further notice. 1:1 in person and virtual sessions continue to run.

I passionately believe that a connection to nature plays a vital role in supporting, healing and maintaining our emotional wellbeing.

After the birth of my first child while suffering anxiety and sleep deprivation, I forced myself outside in all weathers so that my son could find joy in all seasons. We live in England, after all!. Until he was born, I was a fair-weather-outdoors girl but I knew I wanted something else for my son. We jumped in puddles and sledged down hills, regularly went to forest school and enjoyed gardening together. We took on the Wildlife Trust’s ’30 Days Wild’ challenges every year and spent a lot of time marvelling at woodlice (and still do although aphids are a new favourite!).

I began to notice that against the odds, I was feeling rested and at peace even after I returned indoors, and started researching the healing power of nature. My interest in Forest Therapy was born. I realised I could combine my love of helping people by taking traditional talking therapy one step further.

I started out with adults but later started family sessions because teenagers today are faced with so many mental health challenges.

In my spare time I volunteer with the Wildlife Trust running their Wildlife Tots sessions and when I see the children engaging with nature it makes my heart sing.

Qualifications held

  • Forest Therapy Guide
  • Earthwalk leader
  • Therapeutic Counsellor
  • Meditation & Mindfulness teacher

Prices & booking information

  • Forest Therapy (for adults)
    • 3hr group session – from £30
    • 1hr one-to-one session – £40
    • 2hr one-to-one session – £70
    • 30min ‘virtual’ guided meditation (phone call) – £25
    • Annual membership – £300
  • Family Forest Therapy (family = duo of 1 adult & 1 child)
    • 2hr group session – £25 per family
  • Earthwalks & mindfulness and mediation courses
    • Coming soon

Now taking bookings for group sessions (max 6 people). One-to-one experiences also available.

To book sessions, click on the button below for upcoming group & family events and to see what’s available or contact Sonya to arrange a one-to-one: