Niki Baggs

Niki Baggs, The Reiki Intuitive, is a fully trained, registered and accredited Reiki Master Teacher, with over two decades of experience. 

There are many forms of energy work in the world; Reiki is simply one of them!

I too was a healthy skeptic regarding Reiki initially, although I was drawn to the practice because of my own innate intuition in reading others energy fields, and because it is a simple system that is thorough, extremely effective, and guided by basic values of respect and integrity.

There are many branches of Reiki and I studied many of them.  I choose to work with the form I found to be least influenced by Western culture, a system of Reiki that remains as it was when it wastaught by Usui in Japan.  I studied Traditional Japanese Reiki and meditation, Usui Reiki Ryoho, through the Shinpiden, master level, affiliated with Reiki Evolution.

Not only am I a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, I am a qualified counselor, mediator and educator by profession/background, which has provided me with extensive experience in serving and teaching others. I was fortunate to receive Reiki training from various Masters to assist in my work with those experiencing the effects of addiction, anxiety, stress, and grief/loss, which I have much experience in this regard.

I provide Reiki treatments for newborns to elders, including animals, regardless of state of health. Appointments can be arranged at an alternate venue to the Centre if required (e.g. Home/Hospital/Hospice).

I’m as passionate about teaching as I am about learning.  I’ve taught Reiki to clients of all ages, patients, their families, massage therapists, and medical support staff to name but a few.   My goal is to make Reiki not only accessible, but affordable, available, and doable for those who seek it!

I deliver Reiki training and development classes to individuals or in small groups dependent on personal choice and as part of the students ongoing development I provide long-term support to all as part of their training package.  In addition, I teach meditation which is an integral part of the Traditional practice of Reiki.  I guide new students to meditate in ways they can take home and use instantly and continue to mentor them as they learn and progress.

Whether you want to experience Reiki or learn how to help yourself through learning Reiki, it is important to allow your intuition (gut feeling) to guide you to the right practitioner or teacher for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with no obligation to discuss Reiki further.

You may choose Reiki is not for you, then please take time to explore other treatments at the Centre, as I am proud to be part of the Wellbeing team and thrilled to be working in my home town with such a talented group of people who are solely dedicated to the health and wellness of our community.

Thank you for taking the time to view my page!


Services Offered

  • Reiki Treatment: £35 (First booking save £10)
  • Reiki Share: £3 donation per person
  • Reiki Training: please request prospectus for full details of courses and cost

How to book a session with Niki

Please give me a call on 07521 970788 or send me a message using the form below:

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Newbury Wellbeing is closing.. this website is no longer being updated and will be removed June 2020