Heather Parker

We all resonate at different frequencies and so too do the chakra centres & different organs and if the body is out of balance then our own resonate sounds will be ‘out of tune.’ What I do is to focus on the parts which are out of balance & in essence re-tune them into a healthy state of being by the use of toning with my voice & using various instruments like singing bowls, tuning forks & the drum.

I also use energy healing & I can do Shamanic treatments which help with a variety of health conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia & also with feelings of being stuck & not being able to move forward.

If you resonate with music as a tool for healing your emotional well-being then Sound healing would probably be the remedy for you.


For the moment, I am focusing on sending distant healing for clients which works really well & also on Sound Baths & workshops via Zoom & Skype. So if you’d like any of my treatments do still get in touch. I’m available to help.

Services offered

  • One to one: Sound Healing, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Assemblage Point Alignment, Crystal Healing, Reiki
  • Groups: Sound Baths, Monthly Drumming Group, Teaching Workshops


I began my interest in music years ago back in school with various performances in choirs, stage shows and amateur dramatics. I then progressed to Liverpool Institute for Higher Education, now known as Hope University and joined the Musical society where we even performed a production of Chess at the Liverpool playhouse.

When I came across Sound Healing it really blew me away how it could lift a persons mood by toning into the body. Everyone feels so much lighter & more at peace after these sessions. I am really thrilled I can now use my love for music in such a healing capacity.

The Shamanic treatments really do help people to move forwards in their lives & it clears huge blockages from the past.

I am also passionate about the voice being used as a healing tool & am really pleased to be able to now run workshops on teaching others the same techniques I was taught some 13 years ago now.

I feel very proud to be able to help other people in such a positive and holistic way and I would like to thank my friends and family for their continued love & support for Isis Sounds & all its activities and for helping me grow spiritually.


Qualifications held

  • CoSH – College of Sound healing Practitioner & Tutor
  • Shamanic Healing & Assemblage point Alignment – CoSH
  • Reiki Drum
  • Crystal Healing – New Skills Academy

Prices & booking information

To book a session please email me, contact me via messenger or phone – 07793 841782. My prices are different because of the current lockdown so are given on request.