Corrine Thomas

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious? Are you worried about your mental health and wellbeing? Do you want something different from your life but feel stuck and don’t know how to get there? Would you like to move away from just surviving day to day to having the energy and resilience to live a life you love?

My coaching offers you a safe space to step away from the stresses of daily life , explore what is important to you and develop a plan to build your confidence so you can bring purpose and meaning back into your life.

I offer tailored and personalised one to one coaching programmes designed just for you, these can be held face to face (indoors or outdoor) or online. Alternatively, you can join one of my Fresh Air Fridays group sessions, which are run outdoors monthly and focus on giving you space to connect with the healing power of nature, meet like-minded individuals and learn tools which you can use in everyday life to build your resilience and wellbeing.


At the moment I am running all my one to one coaching sessions online, or you can join me outdoors for coaching as we walk in the lovely surroundings of nature.

Fresh Air Fridays sessions, limited to up to 6 people, will be running again from July. The virtual sessions will continue to run alongside this for the time being – a podcast is sent to you to listen to whilst out walking followed by a group online chat to discuss the monthly topic and enjoy a short meditation together.

I am a certified careers, life and executive coach, with a passion for wellbeing, I believe that when you find work and a life you love, you will be happier, more content and have a greater impact however you choose to show up in the world. I have over 12 years of experience of working with teenagers and adults who are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and want to improve their lives. I love working with people who care about getting the best for themselves out of life. It could be through finding a fulfilling new career or through making adjustments to their every day lives to overcome anxiety and live each day more confidently.

I became interested in the connection between the mind and body when my eldest daughter was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome as a teenager. I began with learning NLP so we could work together to address beliefs that were limiting her and create strategies to enable her to get back to a normal life. As part of her recovery, we also spent a lot of time outdoors walking to build her physical strength, but also talking about her challenges and exploring ways to overcome them.

I love being outdoors, taking time and space in the beautiful surroundings of nature always enables me to clear my head, see things from a different perspective and re-connect with my inner creativity. I often solve difficult and nitty-gritty problems that are bothering me after time outside.This is why I offer Fresh air Fridays sessions as part of my services, it gives me time every month to be with like-minded people and be mindful in nature. It has been scientifically proven that spending time in nature helps us improve our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I always feel rejuvenated after running a Fresh Air Fridays session.

As well as continuing to learn and practice NLP, I’ve gone on to gain qualifications in careers and executive coaching, applied neuroscience and am currently studying for a masters degree in positive psychology. These give me a unique blend of skills which I bring into my coaching to support my clients to address blocks that are holding them back, build resilience and create confidence to go out in the world and find the success they deserve. I also hold specialist qualifications to work with children and teenagers.

Qualifications held

  • NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
  • NLP4Kids certification
  • Fireworks Careers Coach
  • Applied Neuroscience and Brain & Behaviour Change Certificate in Executive Coaching
  • Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (completes in September 2020)
  • Affiliated with Association for Coaching, Association for NLP, Positive Psychology Guild

Prices & booking information

  • Fresh Air Fridays
    • 3-hour group session – £28
    • Annual membership – from £250
    • Virtual sessions during lockdown – FREE
  • Coaching
    • 30-minute discovery call – FREE
    • One hour coaching session – £85
    • Coaching package (6 one hour sessions recommended) – from £475
  • Stress & Resilience Therapy
    • One hour session for adults or teenagers – £85

To book in for a session with me, please give me a call on 0118 328 2743 or email me.

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