Corrine Thomas

Corrine Thomas is an NLP coach with a particular interest in working with children to overcome bullying, anxiety and stress-related issues.

She works with people individually, in workshops or as part of her outdoor development group, known as Fresh Air Fridays.

Choices Coaching

I am passionate about helping people get unstuck and find the right direction in their lives. I work with both adults and children to enable them to look at and understand what is keeping them stuck and overwhelmed.

I then guide them in exploring options and ideas for what they wan

I now work with:

Young professionals wanting to make decisions on starting their careers post school or university

Mid-career IT professionals who are  considering their next career move and wanting to decide whether to stay technical or move into a management/leadership role?

Young people and their families facing challenges with anxiety, stress and overwhelm as they navigate their way through transitions such as changing schools, leaving home and starting work.

I am particularly passionate about working with young people and their parents as they navigate their way through the turbulent teenage years.

I offer private 1-2-1 sessions and run NLP based workshops for young people, teachers and parents.

If you would like to know more about how coaching and NLP can help you or your child get in touch today for a free consultation.

Fresh Air Fridays

Many of us live busy and hectic lives, rushing around trying to meet the next deadline, whilst thinking about what’s for dinner or worrying about whether we’re spending enough time with our families. Time for our own development and wellbeing comes way down the list.

This was me not long ago, I spent most of my life in a state of overwhelm, was stressed and had lost the ability to be creative. I’m a trainer and coach for both adults and children and often hear my clients expressing the same frustration.

Something I do love is being outdoors, taking time and space in the beautiful surroundings of nature always enables me to clear my head, see things from a different perspective and re-connect with my inner creativity. I often solve difficult and nitty-gritty problems that are bothering me after time outside.

I now offer Fresh air Fridays sessions as part of my coaching services as , it gives me time every month to spend time with like-minded people and re-connect with nature.

How to book a session with Corrine

For details of my Fresh Air Fridays sessions, please visit the What’s On section of this website or check out my facebook page.

To book on for these events or for an NLP Coaching session, please either give me a call on 07768 497512 or email me.