Claire Bushell

Director of The Wellbeing Centre for almost 7 years, Claire Bushell is passionate about helping people live healthy, happy lives by improving & maintaining their wellbeing.

She now works as a Health Coach, is an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant, runs a local network & support group for local therapists and is continuing to develop this site with the aim to provide a one-stop shop for all that’s good for you in the local area.

“With 2 degrees in Biological Sciences and 8 years’ experience working in biochemistry, biotech and pharmaceutical companies (starting in the labs and moving on to work as a sales consultant), I made a big switch in my career after having my family to holistic and complementary therapies.

I was always intrigued by the experiments carried out to determine what impacts on the level of the placebo effect in pharmaceutical trials which led me to appreciate that the mind itself can exert a powerful healing effect on the body.

The real eureka moment came for me when I learnt through the hypnobirthing classes I attended when preparing for my son’s birth that we can learn to choose and control our own thoughts and feelings and in doing so improve our health and wellbeing on a physiological basis.

After having my children, I was keen to pursue my interest in the mind-body connection. And so my inclination lead me to study counselling, hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing and, most recently, Health Coaching. When the opportunity arose to take over the running of The Wellbeing Centre, where I had been running my clinic and antenatal classes, I grasped it with both hands and haven’t looked back since!

The Wellbeing Centre may have closed but its spirit lives on (read more about this in my blog article here). I’m now in the process of transforming our website and social media pages to become the go-to place for all that’s good for you in the local area. Where The Wellbeing Centre has ended, Newbury Wellbeing begins!

The aim is to provide a one-stop for updates on what’s available in the field of complementary therapies and what’s on with a calendar of local wellbeing classes, courses and events such as yoga, mindfulness and much more..

My passion and goal is to increase people’s awareness of the benefit of complementary therapies and to ​help people access what’s available where in Newbury and the surrounding areas.

I believe that we are all experts on our own lives and have an innate capacity for self-discovery and change. As a Health Coach and Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant, I work in partnership with people looking to improve their health and wellness, providing support, mentorship and unconditional positive regard.

By cutting through the confusing chaos of contradictory information about what’s ‘best’ for us and the ‘one size fits all’ mentality, I can help people discover what feels good for them as an individual.

Together we can discover your individual ‘Lifestyle Prescription’ to help you breakthrough your resistance, overcome self-sabbotage and make long-lasting changes to improve your health and happiness.

As a starting point, why not book in for a Magnetic Massage and Wellness Consultation with me? You’ll enjoy a relaxing treatment, discover the benefits of magnetics for your health and wellbeing, and we can have a chat about how we could work together to bring about the changes you’d like to make in your life.”

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