Christine Horner

Are you looking for a shift in your life? Perhaps you have issues with confidence, self esteem, anxiety, or you feel you are just ‘not enough’. Maybe it’s been a while since there was any joy in your life?

These issues may be affecting your life in profound ways. Feelings of

shame and guilt, money issues, excess weight, feelings of not being worthy of the good things in life, to pain or even chronic illness.

I help people understand the cause – reason – root of these issues. With this powerful, liberating knowledge, you will begin to heal and can embrace more empowering beliefs. Your habits of thought and feeling will shift automatically as new options become available to you, and your life will change as you become open to confidence and joy.

When I left school I became a radiographer. It kind of made sense because my parents were both nurses and it felt familiar.

In my early 20s I developed a knee injury. I was treated several times by my doctor but the issue always came back – and quickly. I could see we were not getting to the root cause of the issue and mentioned this but it went over the doctor’s head – again and again.

After discussing the problem with some of the doctors I worked with, I realised that the way doctors look at problems is all to do with symptoms, and treating symptoms. Nothing about why the symptoms developed, what caused and was probably still causing them. (Unless it was a traumatic injury and the cause was obvious.)

It was a lightbulb moment for me. Surgery seemed to be the only thing on offer, and I’d already spent enough time in orthodox medicine to know I didn’t fancy such a drastic treatment, especially as it didn’t address the ‘root cause’, nor was the doc even interested in looking for it. And his zeal to cut parts of me out with so little investigation was a bit alarming!

I realised I was not going to solve my knee problem this way, and off I went to explore the world of alternative medicine.

I worked as a radiographer for a few more years, and after having my babies I left the medical world to be a full time mum for a while, feeling disillusioned with it all.

But the theme of getting to the root cause really resonated with me and stuck in my head. It really changed my whole world view as I delved into energy healing, belief coaching and mind therapies. I brought my kids up using more alternative forms of healthcare and home educated them. I was not afraid to change things up if what was considered ‘normal’ wasn’t working for us.

In the end I kept coming back to how powerful the mind is, how it is the root of so much of our pain and how we are driven by our belief systems.

And then I discovered Marisa Peer. She started a bit of a revolution, getting us all to write “I am enough” on our mirrors. When she started teaching, I was passionate about wanting to learn from her and I was privileged to become one of the first pioneers on her Rapid Transformational Therapy training course.

The kind of issues I can help with using this therapy include (but are not limited to):

  • Confidence / Self Esteem issues
  • Stress / Anxiety
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Sleep problems
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Improved Memory and Concentration
  • Exam Confidence / Driving Test Confidence
  • Weight Loss
  • Stop Smoking / Drinking

​ I love this work! Getting to the root of why people do what they do, and seeing them change is an endless source of fascination for me.

Prices & Booking Information

My sessions are approximately 90 mins to 2 hours long. Sessions include a personally tailored hypnosis recording to take home. Usually, 1 -3 sessions are all that’s needed. Some deep-seated issues can need more.

I recommend that you first book in for a complimentary pre-session chat with me. You can pick a time slot that works best for you using the booking form below:

Alternatively, give me a call on 07821 644874 or email me.



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