Carolyn Sykes

Acupuncture and Energy coach

Are you ready? Ready for a change, ready for more? Ready to do what it takes to create that change and achieve that MORE..

I work with people who have been anxious , depressed, exhausted , physically ill or in pain. I show them how to live in the NOW and from there create a future of freedom and Joy.

Would you like to join me on a journey where magic unfolds along the way? The outcome can not be predicted but is often better than you may have imagined from where you are now. If you just KNOW you are ready and are willing to do what it takes then give me a call TODAY!



I offer acupuncture, meditation, and coaching.

That’s what I physically do, but there is much more at play here than just the modalities themselves. I work on the physical, mental, emotional AND energetic planes with my clients.

I help to change mindset at a fundamental level and love to watch as every life area benefits from the changes that are made at any level. I like to go on a journey with my clients, this is not a one-hit wonder type of service that I offer.

Qualifications held

  • BSc in Chinese MedicineFHT
  • Calmology coaching
  • Reiki mastership level

Prices & Booking Information

  • Acupuncture: £55 per session
  • Meditation 1-1: £55 per session
  • Coaching: POA – please set-up a free 20-minute call to discuss
  • 6 for the price of 5 or 11 for the price of 9 (for both acupuncture & meditation sessions)
  • Ask about my new 3 month intensive FERTILITY TREATMENT!

Services are available with Carolyn at Laurabella Spa Kingsclere and ONLINE.

For further information and booking requests, please email her or send a text to 07737 434238.