Team Testimonials

melissahughesAs soon as I became a part of the team at The Wellbeing Centre, I felt supported and comfortable. There’s such a combined force of energy and positivity present within the centre and amongst the team of practitioners who work there. I love spending time working in the centre; I always feel inspired and grounded when I’m with clients, which is so important in the work that I do.

It’s the perfect place for the children and young people I work with too; one 9 year-old client told me that her imagination comes alive when she’s at The Wellbeing Centre and she said it’s because there’s magic in the place. She especially loves the crystals that are placed around the building, and she also loves the rug in Room 3; she can see so much in that rug that others may miss! She also told me that the owl doorstop in reception is the soul of the owl in my Brilliant Young People cover image 🙂

It’s also the ideal place for mums to wait during the sessions; they love sitting in the conservatory and if they have other siblings with them, there’s plenty to keep them amused with the toys out there

Melissa Hughes


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