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Fun and inspiring yoga sessions for 2-5yr olds (the 9:30am class) and 5-11yr olds (the 10:30am and 11:30pm classes). These sessions help children to nurture a positive image of themselves and others and teaches children that yoga is a science of both the body and the mind.

Saturday Classes (various dates & times, see below)
£8 per 45min session
with Ellen Connolly-Clinch

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Bananas about YO!ga

Ellen has combined her love of teaching children and yoga to create YO!ga sessions for preschool and primary school aged children.

Ellen is trained in the Yoga Bananas Technique, an established method of teaching yoga to children incorporating all the elements of traditional yoga in a fun, inspiring and structured way. This technique helps children to nurture a positive image of themselves and others and teaches children that yoga is a science of both the body and the mind.

The classes aim to maintain a child’s natural flexibility. There are over 170 yoga postures that the child can explore, all of which increase a child’s  physical and mental strength, stamina and poise.

The classes also aim to increase the level of oxygen within the blood through breathing techniques, which will offer optimum brain function and support children’s learning.

Each session incorporates all of these 17 elements of yoga:

  1. Teaching how to stand
  2. Realising tension (warming the body up)
  3. Establishing focus
  4. Setting a respectful tone
  5. Teaching how to move smoothly from standing to sitting
  6. Teaching how to sit
  7. Toning lung pressure points
  8. Mini story- for tonight no the lungs before pranayama
  9. Teaching how to breath effectively
  10. Teaching how to do exercise eye muscles
  11. Teaching to move smoothly from sitting to standing
  12. Teaching creative yoga– (often through movement to song)
  13. Teaching rhythm and rhyme (yoga sequencing)
  14. Teaching the classic corpse position
  15. Teaching mindfulness/ stillness through meditation
  16. Humming: teaching how to create resonance within a group
  17. Blessing: teaching gratitude

Best of all yoga enables a child to explore their creativity and imagination; both of which are needed to support their emotional and physical well being.

Upcoming dates include:

  • Saturday January 6th
  • Saturday February 3rd
  • Saturday March 3rd || Rescheduled to Saturday March 10th ||
  • Saturday April 7th
  • Saturday May 12th
  • Saturday June 9th
  • Saturday July 7th
  • Saturday August 4th
  • Saturday September 8th
  • Saturday October 6th
  • Saturday November 3rd
  • Saturday December 1st

All dates offer various timed 45mins sessions £8 per session as below:

09:30am – 10:15am: 2-5years
10.30am – 11.15pm : 5-11years
11.30pm – 12.15pm: 5-11 years
(max 8 per session)

Book Online

Alternatively, you can speak to our Reception Team at The Wellbeing Centre on 01635 552874 (welcoming phone and drop-in enquiries Monday -Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm excluding Bank Holidays).

About Ellen Connolly-Clinch

For more information about Ellen’s YO!ga classes click here to visit her website >>

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