Celebrating new beginnings

Happy Easter!

A time of new beginnings..

Springtime is the season of new growth with the indisputable signs all around us in nature. In cultural traditions all over the world, it is a time of re-birth and new beginnings.

Spring is a great time for change and personal evolution.

Many of us instinctively embrace the sense of optimism and enthusiasm that arises at this time of year with a good old clear-out. We de-clutter our homes of anything that we needed around us to feel more comfortable during the long winter months, and perhaps bring in new items, symbolising new beginnings.

It could be as simple as opening up the windows and doors and letting fresh air and fresh energy blow through our houses.

Or bringing inside a bunch of beautiful spring flowers.

Ultimately spring is all about opportunity – a time for cultivating courage and optimism, of strengthening the belief in ourselves and our powers to achieve and overcome obstacles.

Perhaps the greatest of these obstacles we face is fear. If we let it, or if we don’t raise our awareness beyond it, fear can prevent us from taking risks and stepping into the unknown.

Everything you've every wanted is on the other side of fear.- George Addair

“Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”- George Addair

It is never too late to chase your dreams. You can start taking steps towards them today. Don’t give up!

Start implementing little actions into your daily routine to make up for the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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For me, the new spring energy has helped me overcome my fears to re-create Newbury Wellbeing from where The Wellbeing Centre left off. In a very allegorical way I’ve spent the last month or so clearing up this website, de-cluttering the site and creating new, fresh, inspirational content ready to be shared.

I love that the Easter holidays see the first of our new e-newsletters going out. The aim is to raise awareness of all the fantastic help there is out there in the form of an amazing community of local therapists, teachers and healers in various modalities.

Check out the Therapies and Treatments section to learn about how the various options available can help you.

Explore the new What’s On section for inspiration on new ways to enjoy discovering your wellbeing with a range of events including yoga, mindfulness, personal development talks, sound healing, creative writing and much more..

And do let me know what you think about Newbury Wellbeing. I’d love to know what you’d like to see more of (or less of) and if you’d like to have your services featured here then I’d be delighted to send you the details.

Leave your comment below or contact me directly.

I hope you have a great Easter and enjoy your own celebration of new beginnings in some way!

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