Breath is life

Today’s Blackboard Wisdom:

‘For breath is life, and if you breathe well, you will live long on earth’

~ Sanskrit Proverb

‘New Year, New You’ is not only the theme at The Wellbeing Centre at the moment but also pretty much everywhere. The beginning of the year naturally feels like a good time to start a fresh. The majority of my clients coming in at the moment want to make changes in their lives, whether that be to loose weight, get fitter, make more time for themselves, or just generally improve their overall life.

Interestingly, almost all my clients (and quite a few of my friends) seem to have the common theme running through their lives at the moment of a need to breathe more efficiently. As a swimmer, I naturally breathe well and am very aware of my breathing, and because of this I know the importance of breathing properly. However, lots of people are very disconnected to their breathing and don’t realise the connection of our breathing to how we are feeling. When we get stressed our breathing becomes shallower and more rapid, and we can begin to become more anxious and on edge. Quite often clients come in from rushing around and are very ‘out of breath’,  so I always start and finish all my treatments with 3 deep breaths, breathing all the way down to their stomachs, and that helps them relax and therefore get more out of their treatment.

Learning to breath properly is very easy. The best way I have found to teach it is it lay on your back and put something heavy, like a book, on your stomach. Then breathe in and aim to push the book up by expanding your belly, and then breathe out and the book goes down.  Attending yoga classes where they do different breathing techniques is also very useful. We started Sivananda Yoga last friday lunchtime and we had a lady in who is doing a juice fast. She was on day 5 and was feeling pretty rubbish. However, after the yoga class and all the lovely deep breathing and different breathing techniques she felt so much better!

For a quick and simple way of making a change in your life today, just be more aware and improve the way you are breathing – let us know how you get on!

Leanne Bray

Leanne is a fully qualified and insured holistic therapist offering an extensive range of treatments here at The Wellbeing Centre.  She is a member of Embody, the Complementary and Alternative Practitioners Association and the NO HANDS massage association.  Leanne also helps out on the reception desk on Mondays 9.30am – 2.30pm. She is a regular contributor to the Blackboard Wisdom blog series.

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