Mental Wellbeing

Mental health problems affect one in four of us according to Time to Change. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness about this issue with high profile individuals, such as Prince Harry, talking about it openly and various Mental Health Awareness days, weeks and months encouraging public discussions, such as the Time to […]

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Fertility and ovulation

Hope you’re all well and not had too much damage from the latest storm to pass our way. Spring is on the way! Just going to share a bit about ovulation from the e-book I have made available on my website. Of course, it’s the pivotal time when your menstrual cycle changes to your most […]

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Prioritise Your Wellbeing

And so a New Year and a new decade begins.. For many people, the memory of the festivities of Christmas and the resolutions made on New Year’s Eve are already beginning to fade. If you feel the motivation behind your resolutions is decreasing, I hope you’ll hold on to just one goal this year.. to […]

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Your Christmas Wellbeing Wish list

If you celebrate Christmas then you’ll probably be wanting to treat your loved ones to something special to show them how much you care. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite wellbeing products from companies we feel offer the best in nutrition, skincare and wellbeing essentials and indulgences. Don’t forget to put your own […]

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Fertility equates to Abundance

Fertility.. It’s national fertility week, which got me asking.. What do I wish more people knew about fertility?.. Fertility equates to Abundance.. To be fertile is to be abundant.. Abundant in what?.. Abundant in life force, energy, qi, blood and GRATITUDE.. If you have been struggling with your fertility and feeling depleted, exhausted, stressed, cold, […]

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5 things that can lead to “unexplained” fertility issues…and how to fix them

Unexplained infertility is a common yet frustrating diagnosis to receive. Approximately one in four couples seeking help with fertility issues are told there is no explanation for why they can’t conceive. Unexplained infertility does not, however, mean that you have no options. There is a reason for hope. Here are 5 issues that can lead to “unexplained” fertility and solutions for you to put into action.

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Post-natal recovery – what can I do to help my body other than pelvic floor exercises?

Having babies takes a serious toll on the body. There’s no rush to get things back to how they were pre babies or even to get back there at all but sometimes it’s nice to be able to give your body a helping hand – if you feel you need it. Its hard to know what to do though and often the only advice given is to do pelvic floor exercises.

So here’s a few other, useful things you can do to help recovery…

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Bowen Technique and BACK PAIN

A great many of the clients who come to see me for Bowen Therapy are looking for help to relieve issues of either acute or chronic back pain. Whilst some relief may be felt after only one treatment, I usually recommend three or four treatments initially, each a week to 10 days apart. This is […]

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