Bloating… do you really have to live with it?

Bloating is build up of excess gas and/or fluid in the abdomen and is usually an indication that you are struggling to digest something and/or there is inflammation in your gut. Sometimes though you may be struggling to digest something because of stress and the extra tension in your abdomen makes digestion harder. It can be uncomfortable, annoying, embarrassing and even painful. Many people think that’s just how things are and that they have to live with it but luckily this isn’t the case. There are lots of things you can do to improve bloating.

So, what can you do?

Fennel and cumin

Fennel and cumin are great for dissipating gas and stopping or preventing bloating. You can add them to food or drink fennel as a herbal tea. If you don’t like the taste don’t worry – you can always mix it with another herbal tea such as mint to mask the taste

Deep breathing

Deep, belly breathing naturally massages your abdomen, particularly in the central area under your ribs where tension from stress can build up. Lay on your back and gently press your fingers into the dip in the centre of your abdomen under your ribs. Is it easy and comfortable to push them in quite deep or is there resistance? If there’s resistance then tension has built up from stress or discomfort. This puts pressure on the digestive system. Deep breathing helps stretch this out, massage it and helps your digestion improve.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation can be a big cause of bloating. Diet and stress are 2 factors that may cause inflammation but you can improve it. Try to have a more alkaline diet with more veg and less sugar. For more info check out this list of food and how they affect the body in an alkalising way. Turmeric is also a brilliant anti inflammatory so it can really help digestion and reducing bloating too.


Abdominal massage is a brilliant way to help relieve pressure on the abdomen, help release a build up of bloating, reduce tension, reduce inflammation by improving circulation and improve digestion and the flow of your gut. This has a very positive impact on bloating as it helps to tackle it in a variety of ways. Come in for a session with Jo. She will also teach the massage in session so you can do it at home whenever you have a flare up. Sessions also look at diet so we can help identify triggers and tackle the cause as well as the symptoms often with very quick results.

Improve digestion

Blockages in the colon or sluggish digestion can lead to an increased chance of bloating. Increasing water intake, improving diet, increasing exercise and abdominal massage are all great ways to improve digestion and help reduce bloating.


Stress and the tension this cause to your abdomen can really be a factor with bloating. This can be a way of your body telling you to slow down, take some me time or get some extra support. Yoga, exercise and deep breathing are all good for de-stressing and helping digestion too but anything that’s going to help reduce stress may also improve poor digestive symptoms.

Book a session with Jo today to see how you can help your bloating.

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