Bloated? Don’t Just Live With It!

Fed up of feeling bloated? There is something you can do about it.

Bloating is not something that everyone gets and it isn’t something you should be getting regularly but for many people it’s a daily annoyance. There are a few different reasons why you can get bloated such as unsuitable diet, food intolerance & stress. Whatever the cause bloating is often the first sign that your digestive system has become sluggish.

A sluggish digestive system can lead to other problems like blockages in your colon, constipation, slow absorption of nutrients, weight gain and indigestion & acid reflux. These kind of symptoms can lead to more serious issues like IBS, obesity & nutrient deficiencies.

So what can you do?

Don’t ignore it! Generally speaking bloating is an initial symptom so ignoring it without looking at the cause and helping your digestive symptom out will just mean more symptoms crop up later.

Abdominal-Sacral Massage treatments or learning to do the massage on yourself is a great way to give your digestive system a boost. This massage helps your body to release any muscle tension and pressure on the digestive tubes allowing them the space to work properly so your digestive juices can flow as they need to. Often this is all that is needed to get some quick release from bloating.

To stop it coming back we also massage the abdomen to help the intestines. This clears any blockages and increases the circulation. This allows for better absorption of vitamins and minerals, quicker and easier digestion of food and easier elimination of waste. This gives your digestive system a much needed boost and allows it to heal. This makes you healthier and makes any dietary changes you make more effective faster.

Not only with this help relieve bloating and improve digestion but often has other benefits too – like an increase in energy, improved quality of sleep and healthier skin.

Diet is an important factor here too. In abdominal massage session we look at your diet together and see where it can be improved and how you can easily work these changes into your diet.

With these changes and help bloating can quickly be a thing of the past so why not book your appointment or workshop place today?

To book a self-help abdominal massage workshop place for just £25 click here. the next workshop is on Saturday 1st March at 11am

I’m currently offering 3 abdominal-sacral massage treatments for £120 (saving £55) so why not book a session today. To book a session or for more information you can contact me on 07973 186288 or email me

Jo Medhurst

Jo practices Abdominal-Sacral Massage, EFT, Indian Head Massage and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre. She is passionate about helping people that come in for treatments with her and also provides information on self-help techniques you can use to speed up your healing process.


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