Honour your body

Today’s Blackboard Wisdom:

 ‘Honour your body, treat it with the respect it deserves’

On Saturday we had our Christmas Fair which was a great success. I got to perform reflexology on lots of lovely people and at the end of the night I was very lucky to receive a body reading off of Liz McGregor. I automatically connected with this technique of analysis of the self as I quite often intuitively read people’s feet when giving reflexology. I really enjoyed my reading and it made me very grateful for my body and all the wonderful things it does for me as well as the messages it gives to me and to the people around me whether that be in the form of body language or in other subconscious ways.

So today I urge you to connect with your body and give it the respect it deserves. Ask your body, “What do you want me to know?”, and the listen to the thoughts, feelings and visions that occur. Speak about your body in a positive way. Talk honestly with your body about your fears, desires and feelings. Treat and feed your body with reverence.

Our bodies do a lot for us and we often take them for granted – that is until pain sets it (which I believe is the body screaming for attention). Treat you body today, whether that be with fresh air, sunshine, exercise, gentle stretching, healthy eating and drinking, or a wonderful massage.

Leanne Bray

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