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Mike offers a range of gentle therapies, including Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Angelic Reiki, which help to relieve pain, assist in addressing injuries, contribute to improved function and mobility, promote balance and healing, help to alleviate the effects of stress, and aid relaxation and sleep. Whether you’re looking for healing on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, Mike will work with you to find the approach that’s right for you, to help address your presenting issues as well as helping to improve your understanding of the physiology and energetic function of your body, and the impact of physical and emotional stresses in your life.


Bowen Technique and BACK PAIN

A great many of the clients who come to see me for Bowen Therapy are looking for help to relieve issues of either acute or chronic back pain. Whilst some relief may be felt after only one treatment, I usually recommend three or four treatments initially, each a week to 10 days apart. This is […]

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