Surviving lockdown

Lockdown has been tough for everyone in some way and some people have struggled more than others. As it’s starting to ease we still can’t connect physically with many of our family and friends. After 12 weeks, many of us are feeling the strain. We asked some of our wonderful therapists what their tips are … Read more

Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing

Mental health problems affect one in four of us according to Time to Change. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness about this issue with high profile individuals, such as Prince Harry, talking about it openly and various Mental Health Awareness days, weeks and months encouraging public discussions, such as the Time to … Read more

Prioritise Your Wellbeing

And so a New Year and a new decade begins.. For many people, the memory of the festivities of Christmas and the resolutions made on New Year’s Eve are already beginning to fade. If you feel the motivation behind your resolutions is decreasing, I hope you’ll hold on to just one goal this year.. to … Read more

Goodbye The Wellbeing Centre..

Goodbye The Wellbeing Centre Closing Newbury Berkshire

.. hello Newbury Wellbeing! It was with a heavy heart that I closed the doors on The Wellbeing Centre for the last time at the end of 2018. For almost 7 years I’d been focused on creating a hub of wellbeing; a nurturing environment for the local community to access a variety of complementary therapies … Read more