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Carolyn offers acupuncture, meditation, and coaching. Working on the physical, mental, emotional AND energetic planes with her clients, Carolyn helps change mindsets at a fundamental level. Would you like to join her on a journey where magic unfolds along the way? The outcome can not be predicted but is often better than you may have imagined from where you are now. If you just KNOW you are ready and are willing to do what it takes then give Carolyn a call TODAY!

Fertility equates to Abundance

Fertility.. It’s national fertility week, which got me asking.. What do I wish more people knew about fertility?.. Fertility equates to Abundance.. To be fertile is to be abundant.. Abundant in what?.. Abundant in life force, energy, qi, blood and GRATITUDE.. If you have been struggling with your fertility and feeling depleted, exhausted, stressed, cold, […]

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