Are you ready to make happiness a priority?

How many times have you said to yourself this is the year when I will make my health and wellbeing my priority?

Maybe one of these describes you…

  • You are busy, stressed and overwhelmed
  • You are worried about your health, and wellbeing
  • You want to find strategies and tools to live a life you love

If so then it’s time for change but that can be easier said than done. For lasting change a proven action plan, insightful support and an easy to access online programme would certainly help.

Pathways for Happiness could be the way for you feel happier this year in a time when that’s becoming such a struggle for many of us.

This proven course is for you if you want to make more time for self care in 2021, you love exploring new ideas and concepts, and you would like to spend time reconnecting with your true self and make more meaning in your life.

From the first workshop you will stop feeling drained and exhausted at the end of every day and gain a toolkit of easy to use techniques to restore your energy, motivation and put your emotional wellbeing at the heart of your life. You will leave having created the resilience to confidently face the challenges life brings.

When you invest in the Pathways to Happiness programme you’ll receive:

  • 12-part audio programme which you can download on to any device
  • Weekly group calls with experienced coaches who will facilitate and support you to gain insights from each topic
  • Clear action plan to transform you and put wellbeing at the heart of your life
  • Journal to record your personal reflections and actions

This exciting new 12 week programme is starting on Wednesday 3rd February at 7pm.

The way it works is that participants go for a walk locally on their own whilst listening to an audio recording. This guides you through your outdoor session, and includes exercises such as mindful tuning into senses, a topic to explore and a meditation. There is then a weekly one hour Zoom call with me and a small number of fellow participants to explore what came up for you all in your session.

The beauty of this is that there is no problem with us being in tiers or lockdown and it doesn’t matter where you live – you can still access the programme. This new audio programme is amazing and the safe on-line space provided by me is a great place to explore key issues in a supportive environment. You really do get the opportunity to embed positive new habits for your wellbeing, whilst being supported by me and a small group of like-minded people. Further information can be found here.

To join up click on the button below…

Fresh Air Fridays also has 30 minute breathing space calls running daily – these are 30 minute virtual drop-in groups that provide a safe space to destress and breathe again. A Fresh Air Fridays Facilitator will lead the group in real time (no pre-recordings).

And I offer one-to-one online coaching to support people who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Just get in touch any time.

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