After lockdown.. what’s on offer?

wellbeing after lockdown

Coming out of lockdown so many of us are craving the support, TLC and me time that therapy can offer. It’s been such a crazy year, self care is more important than ever. So have a look to see what’s available locally within the current guidelines.

We’ve put together a list of all that our Directory members are currently offering. Face to face sessions are now available for massage, acupuncture, reiki, bowen, kinesiology, abdominal massage, EFT and much more.

Whilst some classes and events are continuing online – mindfulness, yoga, hypnobirthing, etc – there are also some activities such as forest bathing and sound baths starting to become available at physical venues with all necessary precautions, of course.

Soothing Sound Healing is the perfect thing to combat the chaos of 2020. Heather Parker has some wonderful events coming up soon in venues in line with guidelines – check out the upcoming Sunday Solstice Sound Bath on the 20th December. There’s online events happening too.

Although there’s no Fresh Air Fridays outdoor sessions again until the spring with Corrine Thomas, other local facilitators will be running sessions near Winchester and Wantage and Fresh Air Fridays as a team are offering a supported audio programme as well as a free daily session called breathing space – check out the Fresh Air Fridays group on facebook to get involved. Coming soon.. Corrine is busy preparing an online programme for building resilience for wellbeing. Everyone’s resilience has taken a big hit this year so look out for this much needed course in the New Year. 
MassageCara Reeves is once again seeing clients for all kinds of fantastic massages at Donnington Valley Hotel and other locations. Face to face sessions have resumed with the necessary precautions. A great time to treat yourself or get that sports injury looked at. 

AcupunctureKim Child is seeing clients face to face with all the needed precautions but online consultations are still available if you prefer. Kim is also running her amazing Live Q&A on Menopause every Monday – join live (on facebook) or send in a question ahead if time and watch the video back later.

Kinesiology Eimear Noone has resumed seeing clients face to face with all the necessary precautions. Do you have a health issue but can’t figure out what’s causing it? Or an issue that’s been bothering you for ages? Or just need a boost? Kinesiology is perfect for these. It uses muscle testing to get the answers you need to help you improve your health. 

Reiki and BowenMike Overend is still offering distance healing at a discounted rate for those who need some uplifting. 

Mindfulness – online live sessions  are available with Caroline Quinton Smith on request. With so much doom and gloom this year there has never been a better time to get into mindfulness and help you focus on what’s important 

Forest Bathing – one activity you can still do in Tier 2 is forest bathing with Sonya Dibbin. If you haven’t tried it before there’s then now might be the perfect time. For more information on what happens in a forest bathing session and the next one near you check out Sonya’s facebook page. 

Hypnobirthing – current restrictions around birth mean there has never been a better time to give yourself the best possible chance at the right birth on the day. Hypnobirthing is a wonderful way to do that giving you techniques to help reduce fear and have a calm, empowering birth. Classes are available online with Diana. 

Abdominal Massage – sessions are now available again with me (Jo Medhurst) with all necessary precautions in place. This treatment is the perfect way to help your digestive, gynae and fertility issues. Nutritional guidance and self help massage tuition is included. Scar massage is also available. 

EFT – I’m also delighted to be able to offer EFT sessions face to face again or at a discounted rate for an online session via zoom. EFT is the perfect way to rid yourself of limiting beliefs and what better year to work on those. Once learnt you can also do EFT on yourself anytime, anywhere so its a brilliant way to help anxiety and panic attacks.

I hope you find this information useful and that you find some way to practice a bit of self care at the end of what has been a very challenging year for so many. Let’s see what 2021 has to bring!

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