Abdominal-Sacral Massage and your digestive system…


Abdominal-sacral massage can give a stressed digestive system the reboot it needs and help with weight loss and management.

It is a little known fact that food that your body struggles to digest can actually stay in your colon for months or even years. It is widely assumed that if you eat something your body has trouble digesting it will only take an extra day or two for it to work through your system. However if that was the case that would mean that you would have a section of your colon with hard-to-digest-food inside blocking other food passing through. This would impact your colon quite quickly and stop you absorbing nutrients and liquid further along your colon. Two days of that would make you very ill! What your colon does to avoid this problem is if there is a blockage it pushes that food to one side and lets new food pass through. If your diet and colon is otherwise perfect then this food will eventually be digested in a week or two. However if, like most of us, your diet is not perfect this blockage will build up as more and more undigested food is added to it.  As these blockages get larger it becomes harder to digest food coming in, which leads to more blockages and really encourages weight gain.

Very large blockages can show as IBS or diverticulitis as the blockages are often large enough to press on other areas of the abdomen and cause pain, particularly after eating. The vast majority of people have some form of blockage in their gut which left unchecked can lead to these more serious issues. It is good to know the symptoms of these large blockages so you can do something about them before they become too problematic. Symptoms such as constipation; switching between loose and hard stools; trouble loosing weight despite good diet and exercise; abdominal pain particularly when pressing in certain areas; bloating/gas/burps after eating and putting weight on around your abdomen area are a few common ones.

There are many other symptoms that can illustrate digestive issues and blockages in the gut and even if the blockages are small they can still be damaging unfortunately. One examples is “leaky gut” which is when toxins the liver tries to flush out using the digestive tract are reabsorbed and sent back to the liver. This is very common if you have blockages in your system as the debris (hardened as the colon is constantly absorbing liquid) is stuck to the colon wall, and as the colon tries to absorb moisture it re-absorbs the toxins. This can seriously increase the amount of toxins in your body which has symptoms such as skin issues (eczema, spots, dermatitis etc), hormonal imbalances (depression, ADD etc), joint pain, allergies, fatigue and migraines or headaches to name a few.  These are not symptoms people normally relate to digestive issues but are still an indicator that there are problems here.

It’s not just poor diet that can cause these blockages either. If the blood flow, lymph and nerve supply to the abdomen is reduced then food becomes harder to digest so blockages can still be created. The most common causes for this are scar tissue (from any abdominal surgery including key hole) and muscle tensions as both pinch off the vessels.  Muscles tensions of this kind are very common when stressed as the abdomen is particularly prone to clenching when stressed and then not releasing afterward, either because the stress continues or the reduced blood flow makes this difficult. Left unchecked any of these symptoms could lead to problems in later life.

Happily through abdominal-sacral massage and improved nutrition help is at hand. Abdominal-sacral massage improves the blood flow, lymph and nerve supply to the abdomen and sacrum area and helping your body heal itself and clear any excess toxins. This also gives your digestive tract a boost so it is able to cope better with hard-to-digest food. It also gently but effectively realigns the organs which blockages can push out of place. This often relieves pains in the abdomen as there is not a lot of extra space in there, so any misaligned organ puts pressure on the surrounding areas. The massage strengthens the surrounding muscles and ligaments at the same time which helps to prevent this problem happening again and relieves tension.

The deep colon massage given in sessions loosens the hardened debris and encourages natural movement. This allows the blockages to leave the gut naturally. A self help massage is also taught during session so that you can not only speed up the healing process but be involved in it yourself.  Removal of these blockages and effectively rebooting your digestive tract has such a wonderful effect on the body, not just in relieving digestive symptoms, but as most serotonin (the happiness hormone) is created in the gut, the massage leaves you with a feeling of wellbeing that is long lasting.

Abdominal-sacral massage gives your digestive tract the boost it so needs to be healthy in a natural and pain free way. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned and want to relieve them then you can book a massage today.

Jo Medhurst

Jo is a fully qualified and insured holistic therapist practising Abdominal-Sacral Massage, Indian Head MassageEFT and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre.

I am currently offering 3 treatments for just £120 (saving £55) so why not book an appointment today? Email me at jo-medhurst@live.co.uk or call 07973 186288.

Jo practices Abdominal-Sacral Massage, EFT, Indian Head Massage and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre. She is passionate about helping people that come in for treatments with her and also provides information on self-help techniques you can use to speed up your healing process.


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