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Well Woman Yoga Workshops

Restorative Yoga practice, followed by Journaling, Self-Massage, Sound Healing and Meditation followed by healthy snacks & tea. In these seasonal workshops we will explore the 4 archetypes and inner seasons that we go through every month and every year and will practice a special series of exercises to nourish each of this phases.

We are living in a powerful time in history, feminine energy is awakening in the planet and within the body of each woman. Many ancient practices are becoming more and more popular to help us during this transition. Yoga is one of the most powerful and popular ones.

Creating a space to connect the body and individual consciousness with Universal consciousness.
A hope for a state of UNION that we so deeply long for.

WOMEN LOVE YOGA, it makes us feel good in the body, it can give us a sense of spaciousness, peace and strength.

There is only one thing, most contemporary yoga practice that is familiar to us has been invented by man, for a man’s body. Until very recently it has been transmitted mostly through male lineage. However most yoga practitioners and teachers are women. So… maybe we need to explore a little bit deeper what this could mean to us.

Does your yoga practice take into consideration what’s happening with you hormonally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Having a yoga practice that honours the natural cyclic phases of a woman’s monthly cycle help us build a foundation for holistic health and self-awareness. This will help us to develop skills to support our feminine energy in all it’s complexity.

As a woman it comes a moment in the practice when you feel like the linear masculine way of practice is not right for you any more. You realise that just like your body goes through the cycle of life, death and rebirth every month, there needs to be a congruence in the way you practice to honour this natural and powerful changes.


Respecting the cycles of the Womb it’s essential for a sustainable yoga practice that adapts to our unique female anatomy, biology and Spirituality. We will explore the 4 archetypes and inner seasons that we go through every month and every year and will practice a special series of exercises to nourish each of this phases.

We will use the power of pranayama (Breathing exercises), gentle movement, Asana, Mudra, Meditation and Sound Healing to come home to ourselves and embrace each aspect of our womanhood.

Saturday 29th of October – AUTUMN SEASON
17:00-19:00 £20

Archetype -The Enchantress
Moon cycle – Premenstrual Phase -waning moon
Life cycle- mid to late adulthood
Creative cycle – harvesting and feasting
Organs in TCM – lung and large intestine

We will dive into a slower, rhythmical practice to tap into the Energy of Autumn. Learning to find the way to gracefully let go, exhale, slow down and go within.

In Feminine Spirituality & Womb Wisdom this season embodies the essence of The Enchantress. She is hungry for truth, she gets ready to go within and face her shadows, as she knows in her bones that is there where she can heal and find her power. She is bold, creative and rides on high emotional waves. She is a Healer, a medicine woman who is learning first to heal herself.

She is more available to us during our premenstrual time, perimenopause, waning moon and Autumn.

Saturday 26th of November – WINTER SEASON
17:00-19:00 £20

Archetype -The Crone
Moon cycle – Menstrual Phase – new moon
Life cycle- late adulthood
Creative cycle – death, destruction and visioning
Organs in TCM – kidneys and bladder

She is the wise woman, she carries the accumulated wisdom of womanhood, she can see beyong the veil and is not concerned about people pleasing, she knows her truth, she embraces death, suffering and decay. She is strong enough, She knows that she can bleed and bleed and doesn not die. She learnt how to make alchemy in her body and beyond, she has suffered and from her suffering has found her wisdom. She can teach us about the deep power of surrender.

She is more available to us during our menstruation, new moon, menopause and during the winter time.

Cost, contact & booking details:

Each workshop costs £20 per person.

To book, please contact Carolina directly (see her contact details below) or our Reception Team which is open for telephone and drop-in enquiries weekdays 9:30am – 5:30pm (excluding Bank Holidays). Call us on 01635 552874.

Carolina Gonzalez
Phone: 07492 578287

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