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Intensive Reflexology Course

This course is open to complete beginners with no previous massage experience or qualified therapists wishing to add this relaxing treatment to their services.

With a long-standing reputation for learning excellence and ongoing tutor support, Refocus prides itself in ensuring that students are well prepared for their assessment. On successful completion of the reflexology course including some case studies and a practical assessment, students will be able to begin a new career or earn additional income through offering this treatment to paying clients.

Newbury – 4 Days Reflexology Course – over the following days:

Starting on 6th November 2016 – following dates are: 18th December 2016, 15th January 2017 & 12th February 2017

    • Book Now – Fee: £495.00 Deposit: £150.00, Newbury

What is reflexology?

Your feet are a mini-representation of the body – a perfect microcosm. By stimulating points on the feet, reflexology rebalances the body which can only start to repair and heal itself when relaxed.

Reflexology practitioners are trained to feel tiny deposits and imbalances, and by working on these points, can release blockages and restore the flow of energy to the body. Customised treatments address the person as a whole and deal with root causes, not just symptoms. They can also be preventative, helping to relieve accumulated stress.

What does reflexology seek to achieve?

  • Improve circulation
  • Encourage elimination
  • Improve relaxation
  • Assist the body in maintaining a balanced state

Who can benefit from reflexology?

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions or just from our stressful lives. Since reflexology is non-invasive, it can be used by anyone from children right through to the elderly and people suffering from ill health.

Reflexology can help to revitalise a tired body and play a vital role in rebalancing and restoring physical and emotional well-being. While it nourishes and calms the mind, its powerful detoxifying effects will leave your client feeling energised and refreshed.

Course Requirement

This course requires you to have an Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) qualification. If you already have a level 3 in A&P, you will not need to repeat this qualification. However, if you still need to gain your A&P qualification then you might want to take advantage of the A&P online course shown on the Refocus Workshops website at a reduced price of £238.80. Here is the direct link to the A&P course:

Booking a Course

Please view all 4 dates (listed above) you will need to attend them in order to complete the course and gain your reflexology qualification.

If you then want to book your place online, just log on to Refocus website or click on the this direct link

Refocus requires a deposit of £150 when you book your place rather than paying the balance in full before the course starts (which you can if you wish to) to help you budget. The next interest free instalments are required 21 days before each of the following course dates – whilst you train – to help you to plan your finances if required. The course costs £495 in total.

What if I cannot attend all the dates advertised?

All dates have to be covered; however, if you miss a date, you will be able to book a private catch up lesson at a reasonable rate. So if you are unable to attend a course date (if you are ill or away), the tutor will offer an additional lesson so that you can still complete the course and gain your qualification.

Course includes:

  • Accredited and insurable qualification
  • Guided learning with tutor support for home study
  • Comprehensive folder
  • Reflexology text book
  • Reflexology treatment sequence chart
  • All relevant reflexology equipment such as towels, foot cream etc.

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06/11/16, 18/12/16, 15/01/17, 12/02/17

10am - 4pm

£495 (deposit £150)

– Please contact the event facilitator for more information.