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Hot Stone Reflexolgy

Hot stone reflexology is a deeply calming and soothing treatment, helping to relax muscle tension and inducing a feeling of harmony, balance and meditative state. This course trains you in how to incorporate hot and cold stones into your existing foot reflexology routine.

How does Hot Stone Reflexology work for you?

The hot stones are either incorporated into your reflexology treatment or are used for the whole treatment with no thumb walking at all. The large stones are used to warm up and massage the legs and feet whereas the small stones are needed to work on specific reflex points. This treatment is not only very relaxing for your clients but also beneficial as the warm stones will take ‘the heat’ off your fingers and thumbs.

Who can attend:
– Qualified practising Reflexologists
– Students currently studying to be a Reflexologist and are confident with their reflexology sequence

Benefits of hot stone reflexology:
Heat penetrates to a much deeper level than finger pressure, reaching around 7cm into tissues.
This may help to:
• Improve energy flow
• Improve blood circulation & lymphatic drainage
• Promote the release & elimination of toxins
• Boost immunity and the lymphatic function
• Relieve tension in connective tissues
• Reduce muscular tension which helps muscles to relax and repair more efficiently
• Bring about a balance of body and mind

We will use the Vulsini hot stone reflexology bag which can simply be plugged in to heat up the stones, hence a perfect solution for mobile therapists. No need to mess about with slow cookers and water anymore! On the day of the course you will receive the opportunity to use the Vulsini tools and make up your own mind about them. You will be given a code to take advantage of our 5% discount.

At this practical-based course you will learn:

  • The origin of using hot and cold stones in massage across a range of therapies and cultures
  • The benefits of using hot and cold stones
  • Contra-indications and how to adapt the treatment if necessary
  • Maintenance of the stones (cleaning and heating)
  • Techniques used with the stones in treatment
  • Methods to include hot and cold stones into your existing treatment sequence

We will practise on each other and discuss all feedback on your technique over the course of the day.
You do not need to learn a new treatment sequence for this course, it is about learning how to incorporate hot stone techniques into your current routines.

The cost of the course is £125.

For more information including upcoming dates for this workshop, please email Refocus Workshops or call 01273 424973

Upcoming dates

Book Now – Saturday, 8th Apr 17 Fee: £125.00 Deposit: £30.00, Newbury

Book Now – Saturday, 17th Jun 17 Fee: £125.00 Deposit: £30.00, Newbury


All 10am – 4pm


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08/04/17, 17/06/17


£125 (Deposit:£30)

– Please contact the event facilitator for more information.