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Energy EFT Foundation Course

So what is Energy EFT? And more to the point, why should you come along?

This a day-long course and a thorough introduction to the key principles of Energy Emotional Freedom.
Why is it called Emotional Freedom?
Because it is intended to free you from the pain and awful feelings that negative emotions create within us.

And why Energy?

Because we all have energy bodies. Physical and emotional stress or pain is caused by blockages in the energy body, and with EFT we can remove those blockages.

You will learn:
• How to do EFT
• How EFT can create incredibly positive and powerful states of mind, when you need them
• How to turn Problems into Solutions and move from a state of Stress to a state of Success
• The joy of sharing EFT with others.

Make no mistake, this is a genuinely life enhancing experience.
Course fee includes free one year membership to the Guild of Energists and an authorised certificate on completion.
Price is £150 and will include the amazing Sanctuary Meditation as an added bonus (worth at least £50)

Contact details:

Phil Gowler

Phone: 07764859618

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