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Life Coaching

Private Life Coaching is for people ready to live a life by design and cause immediate and lasting change. One-on-One coaching helps awaken you to not just one or two of your dreams, but to ALL of them.

Elisa-Jade Gratton works closely with you to customize a program to suit your specific needs and guide you through a life coaching programme, empowering you to cause the change you deeply desire, and once and forever, getting to the heart of your highest ideals.

For people with an innate desire to learn and grow, working with Elisa-Jade is a life-altering experience. Whether you’re ready to find a job you love, be wholly healthy, or create profound relationships, the work you do together will provide inspiration, insights and straightforward instruction on how to realize your every dream.

What to Expect:

In your initial consultation, your current challenges and your personal goals will be discussed.

  • Together you will also discuss requirements.
  • Elisa-Jade will recommend a coaching program that best fits your personal needs.
  • Sessions typically last one hour.
  • You will be given weekly homework assignments and you can check-in with me via email as needed.

Elisa-Jade Gratton – Life Coach:

“Part teacher and cheerleader, part soundboard and sparring partner, I lead by example, walk the talk and teach you to do the same. I have gone through an extensive training program and I bring true passion, credentials and personal experience to each coaching relationship. I practice and teach from a proven coaching process which implements basic principles and clear steps to address the most important areas of your life and how to realize your dream for each area.

“I am a warm & open hearted practitioner just waiting to help you create the life you are looking for.”

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Telephone:  07871 956153