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Tea of the Week – Refresh

tea of the week - refresh

This week’s “Tea of the Week” is the rejuvenating  “Refresh” herbal infusion from pukka teas.

This uplifting drink gives you a refreshing boost which is always gratefully received in this cold weather. Naturally sweet and invigorating it’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a tasty hot drink making it this weeks’ Tea of the Week. With Peppermint, Fennel Seed, Liquorice Root, Rose Flower & Coriander Seed this tea has everything you need to feel truly refreshed.

As with all pukka teas Refresh is completely organic and this one naturally caffeine free. It is also naturally sweet without affecting your blood sugar. It naturally boosts energy levels while helping to calm & clear the mind – exactly what feeling refreshed is all about.  This wonderful tea can also help revive you in other ways as it’s boosts other parts of your body too…

It also helps with inflammation, clears toxins, helps to clear cystitis and urinary irritations, builds your digestive strength, prevents congestion, soothes irritations, helps ulcers, strengthens the nervous system, nourishes the adrenals, boosts energy levels, helps to stop spasms and eases digestive discomfort. What a tea!

Refresh is the tea for you if you need a bit of uplifting reviving so it’s this week’s favourite! Why not pop in and try your free cup today? If you don’t have time to stop don’t worry! You can take a bag away with you to try at home.

A box of  Refresh (20 bags) is just £2.35 and is available anytime here at The Wellbeing Centre.

Coming soon to “Tea of the Week” – Revitalise,  Harmonise & Lemon Ginger and Manuka Honey

We’re giving away a FREE box of Refresh tea this week. For a chance to win, simply add your comment below and tell us what you think!

Jo offers Abdominal-Sacral Massage, EFT and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre. She is a herbal tea aficionado and is currently studying Herbalism.


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