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  • January 11
  • Giving up sugar!

    We are all becoming increasingly aware that sugar is not good for us and it has been said that if sugar was discovered today, it would be banned! The Government is waking up to the effects of sugar as in George Osborne’s Budget of March 2016, a sugar tax levy was outlined on the soft…

  • November 22
  • 3 Ways Mindfulness Helped Cancer

    People often ask me how mindfulness can help people with cancer. There is a good amount of research to show that it helps but I thought it might be more meaningful to share feedback from the course I run for My Cancer My Choices: 1. Hot flushes A young woman, who I shall call Karen, has…

  • July 18
  • Spotlight on Zebbie Hanafi

    It’s time to grab a cuppa and cosy up with the latest in our series of blog features “Spotlight on..” . We’re sitting down with our therapists one by one and asking them questions about themselves, how they got interested in complementary therapy and what inspires them to do what they do. We hope you…

  • May 26
  • Spotlight on Helen Peedell

    Welcome to the first of our new blog features “Spotlight on..” where we sit down with our therapists one by one and ask them questions about themselves, how they got interested in complementary therapy and what inspires them to do what they do. We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we have in…

  • November 28
  • Movember Emotionally

    It’s November and therefore the time of year when normally sane and stylish men suddenly decide to grow a moustache.  Movember is a great cause and making men more aware of their health is a fantastic thing to be doing.  I just had a look at their website for inspiration on where to aim this…

  • September 25
  • World Reflexology Week 2014

    I always know when Reflexology week is every year, and every year there always seems to be something happening in my life at the time. Last year my youngest daughter went off to university for the first time, empty nest syndrome arrived! This year we are moving house next week. So when I was asked…

  • November 6
  • Tea of the Week: Relax

    This week’s “Tea of the Week” is the glorious “Relax” herbal infusion from pukka teas. This is my favourite tea at the moment as it’s so soothing and has a delicious sweet but gentle taste. With the perfect blend of chamomile, liquorice, sweet & bitter fennel, oat flowers, cardamom, ginger and marshmallow root it’s good…

  • September 24
  • Kinesiology for Stress

    Stress is a buzz word that is banded around all the time these days, but what does it really mean? I would define stress as not having choice or control over your life. Think of examples in your life when you feel stressed. This afternoon, for example, I was extremely stressed, albeit briefly. I’m currently…

  • September 7
  • Reducing Stress with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

    Stress can be defined as the way you feel when you’re under too much pressure. Pressure can be caused from work, home or our personal lives, and each individual will cope differently with these levels of stress. Stress is a highly individual experience. What one person may regard as highly stressful, another person may only…

  • May 19
  • Kinesiology and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)

    Irritable Bowel Disease can be caused by a variety of things, but most people agree it is aggravated by stress. However there is more to it. The organ affected is usually the large intestine. The corresponding meridian relates to letting go of blocked emotions. So when we are unable to do this, our symptoms appear….

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