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  • January 11
  • Giving up sugar!

    We are all becoming increasingly aware that sugar is not good for us and it has been said that if sugar was discovered today, it would be banned! The Government is waking up to the effects of sugar as in George Osborne’s Budget of March 2016, a sugar tax levy was outlined on the soft…

  • February 25
  • Need more energy? Then it’s time to improve your digestion

    Are you… Tired? Fatigued? Low on energy? Struggling to get up in the morning? Too tired in the evenings to do what you want? Exhausted by Friday? Taking ages to wake up? So tired it makes you irritable? If any or all of these sound like you then it’s probably time to give your digestive…

  • February 21
  • Bloated? Don’t Just Live With It!

    Fed up of feeling bloated? There is something you can do about it. Bloating is not something that everyone gets and it isn’t something you should be getting regularly but for many people it’s a daily annoyance. There are a few different reasons why you can get bloated such as unsuitable diet, food intolerance &…

  • November 25
  • Tea of the Week – Green Energy

    This week’s “Tea of the Week” is the uplifting  “Green Energy” herbal tea from Yogi teas. This truly energising, tasty tea is perfect for those who love herbal tea but still want their hot drink to give them that reviving boost! A cup of this wonderful warming & uplifting drink will give you your get-up-and-go…

  • September 13
  • Want to lose weight?… Stop trying!

    I know it sounds crazy but I really believe that the best way to lose weight is to stop trying. Read on and I promise it will make sense… One of the big problems I have come across when working with clients who are trying to lose weight is when don’t quickly reach their goal…

  • May 19
  • Kinesiology and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)

    Irritable Bowel Disease can be caused by a variety of things, but most people agree it is aggravated by stress. However there is more to it. The organ affected is usually the large intestine. The corresponding meridian relates to letting go of blocked emotions. So when we are unable to do this, our symptoms appear….

  • January 4
  • New Year, New You!

    It’s a new year and a great time to take stock and work out what you want to achieve for yourself in the coming year. Perhaps you’ve made some New Year resolutions already? Whether you want to detox, break bad habits, lose weight, eat more healthily, get fitter, learn how to meditate, get rid of…

  • December 12
  • Festive nutritional tips

    Nutritional Therapy arrives at The Wellbeing Centre! I am really pleased to have joined The Wellbeing Centre offering Nutritional Therapy consultations and look forward to working with the other Therapists and meeting the ‘regulars’ at the Centre. With Christmas around the corner I thought my first blog should be focused on how to avoid gaining…

  • December 6
  • Christmas all wrapped up!

    Special Offers for Christmas & the New Year! We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up here at The Wellbeing Centre with fantastic cost-saving offers that make great presents for friends and family. Don’t forget yourself either, these therapies and treatments will help take the stress out of the holiday season and are a great  way to…

  • March 20
  • Abdominal-Sacral Massage and your digestive system…

    Abdominal-sacral massage can give a stressed digestive system the reboot it needs and help with weight loss and management. It is a little known fact that food that your body struggles to digest can actually stay in your colon for months or even years. It is widely assumed that if you eat something your body…

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