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Carolina Gonzalez

Carolina is a certified and fully insured Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal & Womb Yoga Instructor.
She recently trained as a Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as a Shiatsu practitioner & Psychology graduate. Carolina is passionate about Holistic Wellbeing and Nourishment.

I offer women a safe space to explore their struggles with physical or mental health.
I offer a unique  feminine approach, bringing somatic tools & practical knowledge in nutrition, psychology, yoga, meditation, earth medicine & cycle awareness to help you find and cultivate a daily practice and lifestyle that supports your unique nature.

I believe all women deserve to feel at Home in their body. When a woman is happy (fulfilled) and well-nourished, the whole world benefits.


Using my life experience, skills and training in Psychology, Yoga, Shiatsu & Integrative Nutrition, I  tailor a program to your specific needs, desires and goals.

During  this time I will

Listen to you, guide and support you.
Create space for you to explore what works for you at the present moment.
Explore different ways to become and keep nourished
Support you to stay focused and clear on your  Health goals.
Offer practical tips and guidance on building and mantaining Wellness
Help you find your unique rhythm

Contact me to  BOOK  a free Health History consultation and find out how I can  support you.



YOGA – For Women’s Health Pregnancy yoga or Gentle Yoga – one hour class £45 or buy a 6 Class Pass £222 (£37 per class)

Yoga was traditionally taught one to one from one teacher to one student.
I love teaching Private Yoga sessions because it helps us return to the essence of Yoga as a tool for powerful transformation.
Group classes are great and uplifting, but if you want to go deeper, strengthen your personal practice or focus on your particular needs and goals private classes can be just the right step for you.

Who are private yoga sessions for?

If you are new to yoga, looking to start a home practice, wanting to take it to the next level, or have a specific concern one-to-one yoga could be for you.  Private classes are also frequently recommended as a starting point or addition to group classes for fertility issues, anxiety, depression, pre and post natal.
Why are private yoga sessions recommended for pregnancy?
Pregnancy is such a beautiful and deep personal experience that it deserves individual attention and support. This personal guidance empowers the “mother to be” to practise safely, express her changing needs and feel held and supported. She can then attend ANY regular group yoga class with a better  understanding of how to take care of herself, listening to her own rhythm and connect to other mums to be.

How can yoga promote fertility?

Fertility Yoga classes are of great value for women who want to conceive as they allow spaces to just be and be held. A lot of regular Yoga classes can be too strong, demanding or fast to encourage the energy required for conception. The energy needs to be still, stable and grounded. In this class we place great importance on improving circulation in the pelvis, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and connecting the heart to womb meridian. It can be beneficial for women who don’t have fertility issues but just want to take the time and space to prepare the body, mind and spirit for a conscious conception.

SHIATSU – £50 one hour session


We will have an Initial consultation on the phone or Skype for us to get to know each other, see if we are a good fit, and discuss how we would work together.
If we do decide to work together, I will give you the opportunity to join me on a journey for 6 months in which we will have two  50 minute sessions a month and have unlimited email  support between sessions.
I recommend a commitment of 6 months in order for the process to be effective, long-lasting and sustainable.
This is not a quick fix, it is a journey to explore, be open, change, adapt and build strong foundations for you to  strengthen your intuition and navigate through the  ebbs and flows of life.
I will sometimes offer bodywork as part of the program if we feel it’s something that could be of benefit or is needed.

In the Health History, I will gather general information about your Health and Wellbeing and you will be able to tell me what your goals are, your concerns or areas for further exploration.

I will be really happy to hear from you and support you in your journey towards your most nourished, radiant & authentic self.

The investment for this Programme is  £720 if you choose to pay monthly (6 x £120) or £600 if paid in full.


Gentle Kundalini Yoga with Carolina Gonzalez
Thursdays 11:30 – 12:30
This relaxing class is great for Seniors, for total beginner, and are particularly suitable if you have had an injury or if you are simply too tired for a fast pased or high stamina class, this gentle class is just for you.
£10 per class



Are you looking for an effective way to boost your Health, increase energy, restore balance,  understand your cravings, regulate your menstrual cycle, prepare for conception, balance your hormones after having children or transition smoothly into menopause.
If your cycles are irregular or very painful, if you struggle with fatigue, anxiety or mild depression, if you have PCOS, Fibroids, you suffer from acne, low sex drive and feeling tired but wired.

You could benefit from doing a Detox Program which will focus in Women’s Health and hormonal balance.

If you are interested in Joining a the Fall Cleanse Program in October contact me for more details.

Contact details:


Telephone: 07492 578287