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Baby Massage

YogaBellies Loving Touch Baby Massage classes with Leah McGrath offer a unique blend of infant massage incorporating the unique YogaBellies® touch therapies with beautiful songs, games and positive life building experiences for your newborn.

Who is YogaBellies Loving Touch Baby Massage for?

YogaBellies offer Loving Touch Baby Massage classes for new-borns and infants from new-born age until ‘mobile’ (which can be anywhere between 6 and 10 months). The classes involve learning tactile massage techniques and strokes to aid growth, soothing and bonding for you and baby.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

Infant massage can help with a range of problems:

  • Massage can begin from the day the baby is born, but many parents start later having been taught by health professionals or having been on a course
  • Massage is an excellent way of connecting with your baby if you are a working mum. A short massage each night before bath time can help your baby feel loved.
  • Massage can alleviate trapped wind, soothe colic or alleviate constipation
  • Massaging the jaw can relax a baby who has just begun to take solids-Massaging the gums through the skin may ease the pain of teething
  • A face massage can unblock baby’s blocked nose- Massage can alleviate the effects of postnatal depression and help mother have a more positive interaction with their baby

About Leah:

Leah is a mum herself with a 2 year old little girl and has lives in the Newbury area. She grew up in a large family surrounded by pregnancy, babies and children “My nan has 17 great grand-children!”. She spent the last 10 years working in training and HR and has always found huge satisfaction in nurturing others to reach their full potential. In 2013 she decided to take the plunge and bring her passions for supporting others together with her keen interest for all things birth, baby and children to train with YogaBellies so that she can help Mums-to-be and new Mums during this special time in their life.

I strongly believe that other women are a powerful support network, particularly when you become a new mum yourself. Attending YogaBellies classes will not only help you on your own journey of self awareness and relaxation, but it will support you in all the newness and uncertainty that comes with being a new mum. I know from personal experience that this will also be the beginning of some wonderful new friendships!

How does the course work?

This is a rolling block of five classes and therefore classes are booked in blocks in advance. The cost of your course is £52 and this includes a YogaBellies New Mum pack containing a Sleepy Sounds CD, YogaBellies own brand baby massage oil, a laminated handout to remind you of the techniques to try at home, discounts and local information.

To find out more or book a space, please:

Email or call 07971 205 357 or visit

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  • Class details:

Leah McGrath

Tuesdays 2.45-3.45pm

£52 for 5 classes (incl New Mum pack)

– Please contact the class facilitator for more information.