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  • June 27
  • Acupuncture for hayfever

    I am sure many of you have read that due to the delayed Spring this year, pollen levels are unseasonally high at the moment. This means that many of you are suffering from the often debilitating symptoms that include dry itchy eyes, sneezing and a ‘drippy’ nose and a head that feels like it is full of cotton…

  • June 25
  • Learning to make the drum speak

    We had a fantastic evening here last night at The Wellbeing Centre, learning to make the drum speak with an introduction to African Djembe drumming with Graeme Goodwin of Rhythmworks UK. Graeme gave a fun, friendly, informal introductory workshop to a packed room of djembe novices. A djembe is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played…

  • June 24
  • Demystifying Counselling

    Approaching a counsellor can seem a very daunting prospect. I remember my trepidation on making a call to a counsellor for the first time and my nervousness on my way to my first ever appointment. The thought of focussing on the most painful aspects of my life – and to a complete stranger – was…

  • June 18
  • Fertility issues? Problematic periods? Could it be a fixable uterus tilt…?

    Uterus tilts are surprisingly common but many women don’t realise they have one or that it could be causing symptoms they are experiencing. About 90% of women I treat have a uterus tilt (also known as retroverted uterus) and most of them are unaware of it. Luckily this is something that abdominal-sacral massage can fix….

  • June 17
  • How to have a flat tummy after pregnancy

    After giving birth you may find that you still have a squishy tummy that makes you look 6 months pregnant! Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal! Imagine that your tummy is like a balloon that slowly inflated as your baby grew during pregnancy. For most women, it takes time after the birth for the tummy…

  • June 12
  • Charity Dinner at Sheepdrove

    7pm for 7.30pm Fri 14 June at The Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre Come along for an evening of fine dining and entertainment in aid of Neuromuscular Research for Children with Dyspraxia organised by Bowen Therapist and Homeopath Melanie Morgan-Jones. An interesting cultural programme includes violinists David Goldberg and Felicity Salter, classical harpist Jenny Broome, former Ambassador…

  • June 8
  • Introduction to African Djembe Drumming

    Join us for a Summer Solstice Celebration and an Introduction to Djembe Drumming with Graeme Goodwin of RhythmWorks on Friday 21st June 7.30 – 9.30pm at The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury. This is a FREE event and is open to all. Bring your own drum along if you have one but come along anyway even if…

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