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  • April 24
  • Our Healthcare Culture

    This is a subject that is dear to my heart – and as I run a holistic therapy business, my bank balance. It’s also going to be relevant to the other therapists working here at the Wellbeing Centre. Culture is defined as a state of manners, behaviour and intellectual development at a particular time of…

  • April 23
  • Soulscapes Art-Meditation Workshop

    Saturday 25 May 11.00am – 4.00pm Meditative painting day to nourish your soul and unleash your natural creativity…..Bliss! You will create an artwork after meditation which will be a very significant soul expression, and will function as a therapeutic release and healing communication from your higher self. You are offered the opportunity to experiment with…

  • April 21
  • Understanding Acne Talk

    Free Talk – all welcome Monday 3rd June 8pm-9.30pm The Wellbeing Centre is hosting a FREE talk by Theresa Fleetwood, acne specialist from Andresa Skin Health Clinic. This will cover teenage and adult acne conditions to help you understand this chronic skin condition and the effective ways it can be treated naturally. It will also…

  • April 16
  • Open Day at The Wellbeing Centre

    Come along & find out what we offer at The Wellbeing Centre. Pamper yourself with our de-stressing taster sessions, explore how our extensive range of complementary therapies can help you increase your sense of health and wellbeing and discover a range of non-toxic skincare products. Entry is FREE and 20 minute taster sessions are available…

  • April 15
  • Wu Tao Dance Demonstration

    Monday 22 April 9.30am – 10.30am Introducing the Amazing Dance and Exercise Program that will help you harness your life force and have you feeling energised, de-stressed and peaceful in 1 hour a week! Come along to this free talk and demonstration of the Wu Tao Dance with UK Teacher, Mary Malyon. If you love to dance,…

  • April 14
  • Real Nappy Week Nappuccino

    Have you ever wondered about using cloth nappies? Confused with the different types? Unsure where to begin? Then pop along to our Nappuccino event at The Wellbeing Centre on Wednesday 17th April 10 – 11.30am to discover everything you want to know about starting with or switching to real nappies. It’s free to come along…

  • April 12
  • The World needs more lightworkers

    Reiki One Workshop with Carolyn Sykes Wednesday 17 April from 9.30am to 5pm The World needs more lightworkers. Do you want to be the person who can walk into a room and transform the energy just through your Presence? Do you want to be the person who can inspire tens, hundreds, thousands of people just…

  • April 4
  • “I highly recommend OptiHealth!”

    Allergy/food intolerance testing helps people with many different issues from congested skin to IBS. Here at The Wellbeing Centre, we’re pleased to offer an OptiHealth UK Clinic with Cathy Foley providing comprehensive, accurate, non-invasive (no painful skin scratching or injections) bio-energetic screening. Here are some of the testimonials she’s received recently: COMMENT BY GEORGIE – MARCH…

  • April 3
  • Peace is an energy created inside

    “Peace is an energy created inside. When you speak with peace and you listen to peace, the energy increases.” When we find our inner peace we create a space for clarity and healing for our journey ahead. To take a breath and make the choice to create an energy of peace, enables us to pause…

  • April 2
  • Spring is here!

    “Spring is here! Its time to cleanse body & mind.” Finally, the sun is shining and it feels like spring is here. Spring is a time to get rid of the old and welcome the new. We do this by cleaning externally and internally and allowing new opportunities to present themselves to us. Here are…

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