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  • March 30
  • Restyle & Revamp Your Wardrobe

    Saturday, May 4, 2013 from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Come along to a creative and fun workshop where you will learn how to re-style and re-vamp your clothes to create an individual look that suits you. Perhaps you have something lurking in your wardrobe that was once loved, but now you feel is the…

  • March 29
  • Crystal Healing Workshop

    Saturday 20th April 10.00am – 3.00pm Learn how crystals work and their uses; how to choose, cleanse, charge and programme crystals; how to use a pendulum; how to ground and protect yourself; and how to use crystals for healing and about chakras. What is Crystal Healing? Crystals are said to each have their own properties,…

  • March 27
  • Introduction to Alexander Technique

    The Wellbeing Centre is hosting a FREE talk and demonstration of the Alexander Technique with Jackie Bond Saturday 6th April 2 – 3.30pm. All are welcome. Come along and find out how YOU can benefit from learning about the Alexander Technique. Following the talk, Jackie will be offering free individual advice, a competition for a…

  • March 19
  • EFT Workshop 26 March

    Have you heard about the latest breakthrough ‘self help’ health technique which could mean that you hardly ever have to go to the doctor again…..?? This short course is an intense, experiential learning opportunity and you will walk away with a new skill in your hands – that will positively affect the rest of your…

  • March 16
  • Miracles

    ‘If you don’t believe in MIRACLES, perhaps you’ve forgotten you are one’ When I got to The Wellbeing Centre today I was met by a chorus of giggles and coos from the Baby Bumpkin group and I started reminiscing about my own children when they were little and what a miracle the whole process of…

  • March 15
  • Doula! The ultimate birth companion

    A Uniquely Intimate Film Screening; DOULA! – a documentary film about doulas (professional birth companions) is being screened at The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury as part of World Doula Week, a worldwide campaign to help raise awareness. Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion is a 60 minute, intimate and emotionally charged documentary about doulas and their part in…

  • March 11
  • What is Kinesiology?

    The question I get asked every time I say what I do for a living, is “What is kinesiology?” So here is a little article to try to address this question. Firstly, it isn’t like massage or Reiki or anything else. It’s totally unique. It works on the principle of muscle testing to guide the…

  • March 7
  • Connect to the Earth and Heal!

    ‘Beneath your feet outdoors is not just a mere patch of grass, dirt, sand, or concrete. It is an onmipresent source of natural healing energy’ – Clinton Ober Did you know we are electrical beings on an electrical planet? Did you know that the ground beneath us is more than something we just stand, walk,…

  • March 2
  • Phillip Day comes to Newbury

    Philip Day is coming to Newbury in TWO WEEKS. Have you got your tickets yet? Don’t miss this fascinating seminar by one of the world’s most well-travelled, entertaining, mind-bogglingly researched and prolific health authors. Phillip Day heads up the publishing and research organisation Credence, which collates, reports and verifies the work on various health issues…

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