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  • November 26
  • What makes you happy?

    Today’s Blackboard Wisdom: ‘Appreciate everything that makes you happy right NOW!’ Whatever is happening in your life right now, think about the things that make you happy and give thanks for them. Stop putting conditions on your happiness like ‘I’ll be happy when I find the women/man of my dreams’ or ‘I’ll be happy when…

  • November 26
  • Blackboard Wisdom

    The blackboard on the front door at The Wellbeing Centre has become a quirky way we connect with the outside world. Everyday the practitioner who is covering reception writes a short quote or some of their own words of wisdom on the blackboard. Having started this as just something fun to do with the blackboard…

  • November 21
  • From dream to reality

    I’m so excited to be launching our new website and blog!  I have had a vision for The Wellbeing Centre for many years and since taking over the centre in June this year I’ve been working hard to make that vision (which seemed impossible and even improbable at times) into a reality.  Central to that…

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